Top 10 Nightclubs You Should Shake Your Feet While In London

1 – Ministry of Sound, 103 Gaunt St, London SE1 6DP, United Kingdom, is the ultimate choice amongst nightclubs if you love big crowds, an eclectic mix emanating from a premium sound system and an array of lights flashing seductively all over the place. At this venue you also have the freedom to choose any one of the five rooms to dance the night away and in case it gets too stuffy indoors then you could try dancing in the courtyard under the veneer of stars.

2 – Mahiki, 1 Dover Street, Mayfair, London W1S 4LD, is where you get an opportunity to swing alongside the royals, the rich and the famous without having to undergo the stress of strict admission and hefty fees...

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Top 10 Restaurants You Should Eat At While In London

1 – One Lombard Street Restaurant, London EC3V 9AA, appears to be as official as its neighbors namely the Lord Mayor’s residence and Bank of England but as soon as you enter through the doors be prepared to be greeted by a plush ambience exuding warmth. Unlike many restaurants which have entered and exited the dining scene of the city, this restaurant has not only managed to survive through the good and bad times but has upheld its quality too. The only drawback here is parking and if you are able to work that out, then an exemplary eating-out experience awaits you.

2 – Afternoon Tea at Harrods is a must-have in every visitor’s itinerary because not only does it offer a glimpse into Londoner’s love for this beverage but also reveals the secret behind its popularity...

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Top 10 Things to Do While In London

1 – To take the Jack the Ripper tour that are organized at Aldgate East, Exit 3, Whitechapel High St, London E1 7QX, United Kingdom and you will need to be strong-willed and courageous in order to tread on the footsteps of the most dreaded murderer of the late 19th century. Set against the backdrop of impoverished conditions that characterized East End during that era, the walk is inclusive not just of the sites of the gory killings but also the Ten Bells Pub which was believed to be the last haunt of his victims.

2 – Although China is where tea is believed to have originated, credit goes to the British for having popularized the concept of Afternoon tea...

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Top 10 Shops You Should Spend Your Money While In London

1 – Carnaby is nestled in a district called Soho. When it comes to finding the hottest fashion retailers this is the place to be. There are areas along the street that have been used by some rather famous people. The Simpsons have used it for fashion, U2 made a video therein this locale and The Kinks have also shopped there. Come and shop for some of the hottest attire around in the area, while keeping one eye peeled for a famous star.

2 – Oxford Street is around a mile in a half long and is considered a shopper’s paradise. With over 300 shops lining the streets everything that one might be seeking can be found here. There are many stores that offer a lot of variety, for example Debenhams at 344-348 Oxford Street. The Marble Arch is a must for one to visit...

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Top 10 Festivals You Must Attend While In London

1 – Field Day Festival is held at Victoria Park, East London, every year wherein musicians specializing in different genres display their vocal talents in front of a huge crowd. Organized to resemble a village fete, visitors are requested to arrive by public transport owing to dearth of parking space and are expected to observe a strict policy of non-interference with locals. Over all, it could be described as a fitting tribute to music like no other in terms of scale, popularity and diversity.

2 – Bushstock Festival is one of the recent odes to music that is into its third year with the concert taking place in June as usual...

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Top 10 Fun Facts You Should Know About London

1 – Covent Garden is a spelling mistake – it was actually meant to be ‘Convent Garden’ but unfortunately someone missed out on the alphabet ‘n’. Since it home to the Westminster Abbey, the name ‘Convent’ is apt for an area that has so much to offer to all age-groups. Having tired of shopping, learning about history and sampling the various cuisines in restaurants do sit down and catch your breath while watching the street performers showcasing their amazing skills.

2 – London was nearly completely destroyed by an earthquake in 1750 when tremors on 8th February and then again a month later on 8th March caused chimneys to fall off, tiles to be dislodged violently and roofs to collapse...

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Top 10 Bars You Should Grab a Drink at While In London

1 – It was sometime during the 18th century that The Mayflower, 117 Rotherhithe St, London SE16 4NF, United Kingdom, was constructed on the banks of River Thames with the intention of creating a convenient watering point for thirsty seamen. Having endured through two long centuries, it continues to serve its original role although with a touch of an experienced gourmet. So whether it is an evening for two or a get-together, this venue is ideal not just for great food, wine and prices but also for its unparalleled vistas of one of the oldest rivers in the world.

2 – Dog & Duck, 18 Bateman St, London W1D 3AJ, United Kingdom, upholds a legacy that stretches way back in time to early 18th century and given its popularity it appears to be doing a good job of preserving age-old traditions...

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Top 10 Attractions You Must Visit In London

1 – St. Paul’s Cathedral in St. Paul’s Churchyard, London EC4M 8AD, United Kingdom, is rightly considered as being the English version of St. Peter’s Basilica located in Rome courtesy of its massive dome. However, the majestic architectural wonder that has successfully captured everyone’s awe and admiration worldwide is only a contemporary creation and one that is far removed from its original version. Some of the primary reasons for visiting this venue are tombs of famous personalities, its rich heritage and the panoramic view of the city.

2 – Largest, oldest and still operating at a full swing is the gigantic Windsor Castle, Windsor, West Berkshire SL4 1NJ, United Kingdom and apart from the ceremonial functions that it is famous for, a noteworthy aspect is that it showcases ...

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Top 10 Activities You Should Do While In London

1 – ZSL London Zoo, 2-4 Tooley St, London Bridge, London SE1 2SY, United Kingdom, is one of the few institutions in this world that have remained dedicated to the task of preserving and safeguarding animals to ensure continuity at all costs. Since its inception in 1826, the zoo has grown in size to accommodate animal species from all over the globe but without any compromise on their safety which is why it is revered and applauded by all sections of people worldwide.

2 – The London Bridge Experience is attained by embarking on an unforgettable hair-raising tour of this famous landmark wherein visitors are transported way back in time to appreciate all the historical events that this structure has been a mute witness to over the eons...

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Top 10 Things to Do In Stockholm

1 – Royal Palace with its centuries-old aura of royalty is one of the largest palaces in Europe as also the best venue for anyone interested in taking a peek into the monarchial family tree down many centuries. Also known as Kungliga Slottet, it serves as the official residence of the ruling monarch of the country and each of the 600 rooms in this vast complex boasts of a unique décor. There is another more interesting reason to call for a visit – the change of royal guards that takes place in summer every year and is still strongly reminiscent of antiquity of yesteryears.

2 – Take a swim downtown in any of the well known bathing locations that are dotted all across Stockholm...

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