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Imagine you are young, you have some money and you want to start your own business. That was me 4 years ago. I had this fantastic idea about starting an accommodation site and invested all my savings into it. It never took off, I did all the mistakes you can imagine: I hired an unprofessional designer, I teamed up with my girlfriend, I hired the wrong programmer and ended up running out of funding in no time and many unpaid bills. That was Localstay 1.0.

Now much older, hopefully wiser and back on track financially, I decided I use this site to make something that isn’t out there yet. I travel a lot for work and have travelled a lot for work. The thing is when you come to a new city, you need some guidance. I am not that type of person that is going to do extensive research before hitting a new destination. I am not going wade through all the hundred entries on e.g. Tripadvisor or other sites. I want a Top 10 list from an expert or local. Just give me the 10 best things I should see in a city. Give me 10 names of good bars. Asking the concierge at a hotel has never guided me to the hidden pearls of any city. Hooking up with some locals at bars has helped though. Knowing someone in a city as well.

The reason why I launched LocalStay 2.0 – with virtually no (or very limited) budget and with big thanks to WordPress and co. Knowing that there is too much information overload with travel information online and that there are many people out there that would love to just get the 10 best attractions, sights, bars, nightclubs and parties from someone who actually knows the city, has been there. Quick and dirty. Screw the rest. Efficient and good. I might consider integrating some social features but as of launch I am a bit anti-social. We have Facebook, we have Twitter, we have all the social stuff we need and I am not really into one more social network whatever kind of site with all features you can imagine like like. I am even not allowing comments on this site as I think we waste too much time on the Internet giving your 5 cents on all kind of topics and all those investors and marketeers can then measure a site engagement and other things. Go to a bar and drink a good beer with a stranger instead.

All the cities on here and all places I (or a very trustful source of mine = real friend) have visited personally – thats why I publish them here. If you want your place to end up on one of my lists you need to bribe me next time I am in your city or convince me to visit your city. If you want to communicate with me, please do so via our Facebook page.

In case you would like to reach me, I have disappoint you as I do have a busy daytime job and will not correspond over this site and it contents with anybody besides my lovely girlfriend just before we close our eyes to sleep and my co-authors and helpers in all those cities. If you end up getting beat up in bars I recommended, you get shocks from nightclubs I prefer or you are standing in front of museum that is closed – no I am not going to pay you any compensation for anything that went wrong because you read my advice on this site.

If you would like to become an insider for the city you live in and provide me with information about the Top 10 things to do in your city, please add me on Facebook. I will consider visiting you and your city maybe soon and check it all out myself. Life is to short to stay in one place too long. Love traveling. If you really want to find out who I am, please feel free to see my BIO on LinkedIn.

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I hope you really enjoy this site and that you find the places and enjoy your stay with my help wherever you might go tomorrow or wherever you are now.

May your travels be safe and your memories be everlasting!


Tomislaw Dalic

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