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Top 10 Festivals You Should Pay a Visit While In Berlin

1 – Berlin Festival

2 – Berlin Music Week is scheduled for being held between 4th and 8th September, 2013, at Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg since this locale is believed to be the liveliest in a city that supposedly never sleeps. During this event, Berlin is transformed into a stage for performers, both old and new, the world over who are required to impress and enthrall an audience of around 20,000 with their musical talents.

3 – Seeed Berlin Festival which is due to be held in August, 2013, will be an open-air event with ardent fans fervently hoping that performance spans over two days or more. An 11-member German group that has been spinning tunes since 1998, Seeed uses three languages to convey its musical ingenuity to the world namely German, English and Patois from Jamaica...

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Top 10 Shops You Should Spend Your Money While In Berlin

1 – It was in 1907 that the Jewish venture KaDeWe und Eurocenter, an acronym for Kaufhaus des Westens, commenced its glorious journey through countless ups and downs that few would have imagined would last as long as this with no signs of terminating. Originally intended to cater to the needs of middle class segment in Berlin, currently this outlet is a shopper’s paradise wherein an avid shopper can easily spend hours on end.

2 – Friedrichstraße is one of those shopping streets that originated during the early decades of the twentieth century and soon evolved into one of the most vibrant areas. One of the major factors contributing towards the area’s popularity is its central location and another is its rich legacy...

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Top 10 Restaurants You Should Eat

1 – Max und Moritz, Oranienstraße 162, U-Bhf Moritzplatz, has been around for so long that its presence in Berlin is more or less taken for granted by Berliners and tourists alike as are its traditional menu, style of preparation and size of portions. Something that has always been a part of this restaurant since the day it opened its doors to foodies in 1902 is its signature schnitzel followed by an apt description, kitsch, meaning right.

2 – die Standige Vertretung, located at Schiffbauerdamm 8, S+U-Bhf Friedrichstraße, is originally a West German creation which satiated the gastronomes in Bonn for 25 long years. Therefore, it was but natural for this legacy to be carried to the new capital subsequent to unification...

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Top 10 Nightclubs You Should Shake Your Feet While In Berlin

1 – Berghain, Am Wriezener Bahnhof, is where the party begins and ends. There are two dance floors for you to groove on, techno is spun by DJs in the main room which is dark, Panorama Bar, and space upstairs. There is a doorman who decides who can come in and who has to be turned away.

2 – Kater Holzig, MichaelkirchstraBe 23, is a club that is not only large, but can be enjoyed both on the outside as also inside. Grab a dance partner and step into the structure that resembles a cabin and move to the beat on the wooden dance floor. The dance floor inside is a bit smaller than the one outside. If it is still early and your appetite is kicking in the head on up to the top floor and enjoy a delicious meal at the restaurant Katerschmaus.

3 – Salon zur Wilde Renate, Alt-Stralau 70, is an old apa...

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Top 10 Bars You Should Grab a Drink At While In Berlin

1 – Club der Visionare, Am Flutgraben 1, is actually an old boathouse that has a timbered bar, floating docks, and a beautiful decommissioned boat. The dance floor might be small, but the DJs keep you dancing while spinning minimal techno.

2 – Mandy’s (reichenbergerstrasse, only Facebook page) is the venue that you should be present in if cozy is what you expect to feel while in a bar. Named after Barry Manilow Mandy, this bar is the epitome of warmth and luxury courtesy of its luxury sofas and wooden décor. Do order the signature Bloody Mary in case you land up there.

3 – Aufsturz (bierbar), Oranienburger StraBe 67, means lots of beer. Here you have more than 100 varieties of beer and over 40 different wines to pick from. If you like beer tasting this is the place to go...

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Top 10 Things to do in Berlin

1 – Eat a Currywurst at Konnopke’s Imbiss which is located at Schonhauser Allee 44 B. This fast food dish has people lining up for it all day. Currywurst is a pork sausage that is steamed then fried and cut into slices. Then it is topped with curry ketchup. This mouth watering dish will definitely fill the belly and dance on your taste buds.

2 – Take a boat trip on River Spree and take the opportunity to stand on the landing stage that is located right beside Palace Charlottenburg. This cruise down the Spree will last three-and-half hours and you will float past the Berlin Cathedral, Potsdamer, Museum Island, and Reichstag to name a few.

3 – Go on a Trabi Safari at BallonGarten, Wilhelmstrasse/corner Zimmerstrasse and experience three different scenarios...

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Top 10 Attractions in Berlin

1 – Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate) can be found resting at Pariser Platz. This gate was constructed during the time period spanning 1788-1791. During World War II the Gate sustained heavy damages and had to be reconstructed. In December 1989 it opened and there were over 100,000 people cheering as the landmark became a symbol for unity between Berlin and Germany.

2 – Fernsehtum (TV Tower) stands 1,207’ and can be seen at PanoramastraBe 1. There are 147 floors and it first opened up in 1969 on October 3rd. Enjoy the beautiful lay out of the city at 203 meters above the ground. After having worked up an appetite slip into the Sphere restaurant and enjoy the culinary aspect of Berlin. For variety there is international cuisine on the offer too.

3 – Checkpoint Charlie, FriedrichstraBe...

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Top 10 Fun Facts You Should Know About Berlin

Did you know that there is a contagious fun-side to the city of Berlin? In addition to its rich past and strong cultural fabric, this German capital boasts of many fun facts that lend to it a lively and imaginative appeal. Following is a compilation that would provide you with sufficient inspiration to visit –

1 – Have you ever been through an aquarium? When you step into the lobby of Radission Blu hotel, you would find yourself suddenly confronted with a cylindrical aquarium which is so massive that it is able to accommodate even the elevator with relative ease in addition to a wide variety of marine inhabitants. Riding in the elevator’s car would lead you up/down through 82 feet of a million liters of sea-water, the only pity being that it is totally out of bounds for diving.

2 ...

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Top 10 Must-do Activities in Berlin

While in Berlin, there are lots of places to visit and there are lots of things to do. Personal choices notwithstanding, some of the activities are such that they hold appeal for all age-groups and hence must be indulged into –

1 – Challenge and excitement are two main ingredients for any enjoyable holiday and the venue in Berlin that offers both is MountMitte. A high-rope course built as per contemporary concepts and requisites, there are several difficulty levels to suit climbers both amateurs and experts as long as they are above seven years of age. So satiate the ape in you by exploring as much of this aerial suspension as possible within the safety of a climbing harness and a rope.

2 – Courtesy of the presence of River Spree and innumerable lakes that dot its meandering course,...

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