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Top 10 Things to Do In Stockholm

1 – Royal Palace with its centuries-old aura of royalty is one of the largest palaces in Europe as also the best venue for anyone interested in taking a peek into the monarchial family tree down many centuries. Also known as Kungliga Slottet, it serves as the official residence of the ruling monarch of the country and each of the 600 rooms in this vast complex boasts of a unique décor. There is another more interesting reason to call for a visit – the change of royal guards that takes place in summer every year and is still strongly reminiscent of antiquity of yesteryears.

2 – Take a swim downtown in any of the well known bathing locations that are dotted all across Stockholm...

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Top 10 Shops You Should Spend Your Money While In Stockholm

1 – Designtorget, Sergelgången 29, 111 57 Stockholm, Sweden, is chain of stores which has gained popularity courtesy the contemporary nature of its merchandise. From functional to fun, everything that is sold under its roof possesses a unique charm that echoes on the strict selection policy of the management. Such is the range of goods that there is something for every room from kitchen to personal den and for every relation from dear ones to acquaintances.

2 – Nordiska Kompaniet, Hamngatan 18, 111 47 Stockholm, Sweden, opened its doors to people in 1902 and has been one of the most luxurious brand names ever since...

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Top 10 Restaurants You Should Eat At While In Stockholm

1 – Esperanto, located at Kungstensgatan 2, 114 25 Stockholm, Sweden, is an exciting blend of natural, romantic and entertaining ambience all of which justify it being chosen as the venue for dining out. While the multiple-course menu is based on seasonal produce and a-la-carte version for choosy diners, this outfit manages to satiate one and all no matter what your eating habits and preferences might be.

2 – While every restaurant serves food, only a few are credited with being inventive, innovative as also ethnic and Frantzen-Lindeberg in Stockholm is one of them. Located at Lilla Nygatan 21, 111 28 Stockholm, Sweden, this restaurant ensures a distinct touch to its dishes by relying on home-grown local produce and combining it with delectable Asian flavors.

3 – To serve food prepa...

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Top 10 Nightclubs You Should Shake Your Feet While In Stockholm

1 – Spread over three floors, Sturecompagniet at Sturegatan 4, 11435 Stockholm, easily qualifies as one of the biggest night-clubs in the city and not just in terms of space. If the atrium set-up is impressive, the music which is played here definitely adds to the aura and these are the two attractions responsible for drawing locals and tourists alike. While there are three broad divisions with each playing a different music genre, the dance floors still bulge at seams after a point.

2 – Visit Terrassen, Sodra Bar, at Mosebacke Torg 3, 11646, Stockholm, and get the feel of what an outdoor nightclub looks and feels like...

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Top 10 Fun Facts You Should Know About Stockholm

1 – For a city which has enjoyed 750 years of existence and has served as home to many well known races, Stockholm takes pride in its legacy and this is aptly showcased in its many museums. From history to art, science and culture, almost every subject has found representation in Stockholm’s museums and the onus is on the tourist to visit as many as he can during his visit.

2 – Remember the unconventional and drop-dead looks of the former tennis ace Bjorn Borg? He was from Sweden and during those days was probably the first to provide a hint as to how men in his land looked. Almost three decades after his era, men from Stockholm still lead the global pack where women’s hearts are concerned while their female counterparts rank second in the opposite listing...

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Top 10 Festivals You Must Attend While In Stockholm

1 – Fat Tuesday is the day when people of Sweden discard all their dietary restrictions and indulge in anticipation of forthcoming Lent and the fasting that occurs all through its duration. A particularly savored delicacy on this day is ‘Semla’ that comprises of cardamom bun with a sweet filling of almond paste and whipped cream forming its crown. Since the week is incomplete without tucking in a few, almost every bakery in town is well-stocked with this traditional delicacy and some even offer it soaked in warm milk if the customer prefers.

2 – Ever since Dans Dakar has established itself as one of the important festivals in Stockholm, locals have no longer felt the need to travel abroad to rock to electronic music...

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Top 10 Bars You Should Grab a Drink While In Stockholm

1 – From its height of 33 meters above the surface of the sea, Gondolen offers a breath-taking view not just of azure and sometimes turbulent waters but also of the Swedish capital of Stockholm. Its official address being Stadsgården 6, 104 65 Stockholm, Sweden, you can look forward to sampling some delicious international cuisine accompanied by premium wine while you gaze over the city’s as also the water’s horizon.

2 – At Akkurat there is always something happening and it is not just limited to experimenting with whisky, wine and beer. Some of the unique aspects here entail witnessing the world’s freshest, most delicious and yet the largest salad buffet and swinging to the live performances of known and unknown musicians alike. Thus, do make it a point to drop in at Hornsgata...

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Top 10 Attractions You Must Visit While In Stockholm

1 – Gröna Lund Amusement Park is one of Stockholm’s most joyful attractions comprising of as many as 32 rides spread over more than 30 acres. Meaning Green Grove, it was established in 1882 and has since then expanded its boundaries to encompass many of the old buildings that have occupied this central part of the city for many years. At Grona Lund, there is something for everyone and sometimes amusement takes the form of musical concerts too with many world renowned and local performers treating it as their crucial first professional step.

2 – The main characters who carry out the famous Changing of the Guard ceremony in Stockholm are the 30,000 soldiers who form the Royal Guard unit and are responsible not just for protecting the Royal castle but also His Majesty, King of Sweden...

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Top 10 Activities You Should Indulge In While In Stockholm

1 – Outdoor swimming in Stockholm – One of the foremost reasons as to why swimming outdoor is a way of life in the Swedish capital of Stockholm is that the water is clean enough irrespective of its location and without the usage of chlorine. While some areas feature a pristine beach with soft sand to relax on, others are surrounded by cliffs to jump from and venues vary in terms of facilities like life-guard, showers and changing rooms. A truly unique experience comes from swimming in sjon, meaning an inland extension of the sea.

2 – Biking in Stockholm – Stockholm is one of the few cities in the world which automatically appear so much more beautiful when explored on a bike instead of the traditional bus or other means of transport? Your two-wheeled vehicle will take you to the rem...

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