Top 10 Activities You Should Do While In Amsterdam

1 – Take a Canal Tour because Amsterdam has some splendid canals that are simply waiting to be explored. During the 17th century these canals were actually used for transportation and military purposes. As society progressed over the years many of the canals had to be filled in so that streets could be paved for cars to race and other automobiles to race on. However, there are still 164 canals which have been preserved courtesy of their historic importance.

2 – Bike tour is For the biker who prefers pedaling as an exercise. Hopping on to the dedicated path for bicycles and flying by representations of contemporary architecture in form of townhouses and small canals is one of the best ways of exploring the city. Do not run over the couple made of rust red iron that seems to be gazing towards the sea crafted by artist Mark Mander and instead take a walk on the red curved footbridge to stretch your muscles.

3 – Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and travel to Volendam by bus or simply cycling if you are keen on soaking up the Dutch countryside. One of the first impressions that would strike you about this fishing village on the banks of Zuiderzee is that it seems to have frozen on the timeline. From its inhabitants sporting traditional Dutch costumes to museums, wooden houses and plethora of restaurants, this town offers an unadulterated peek of Netherlands during the yesteryears.

4 – You must visit Albert Cuyp Markt irrespective of your bargaining capabilities, although if you are good at it then you would stand to benefit substantially. This locale of Amsterdam is probably the only one of its kind in the world wherein shopping is liberally tempered with humor not to mention variety. It is here that Amsterdam is at its ethnic best and even if you do not indulge in your favorite pastime of shopping simply strolling down the street of this century-old market will reward you with more than a bagful of memories.

5 – Noordermarkt is a proof of the fact that it is not just castles and forts that survive the ravages of time and showcase history. Having started since circa 1616, this square has been a silent witness to many historical upheavals that transformed the face of the world. Today, it hosts the famous farmer’s market on Saturdays and flea market on Mondays wherein each offers a unique experience.

6 – De pijp, meaning ‘The Pipe’, started out as a poor neighborhood which was inhabited all those sections of population who could not afford a house of their own and till date this area has managed to retain most of its multi-ethnic flavor. While a day trip here should be inclusive of indulgence in different cuisines along with browsing of the more well known neighborhoods, nightlife has its own charm and lure which is unique even by Amsterdam standards.

7 – Take the canal splash boat and splash your way through the canals while passing many of the city’s landmarks dotted on both sides. What would you be splashing in? To facilitate this fun activity, there is an amphibious vehicle which departs thrice a day from a designated point and takes people to the splash zone.

8 – Go underground and find out about the Noord Zuid Lijn, the controversial metro line that runs from north to south through an archeological district. As the tunnels for laying of tracks have been dug, several interesting finds have emerged that throw light on the city as it was during the earlier years. Items range from products related to various industries to those reflecting faith and are fascinating in terms of history.

9 – See Amsterdam ArenA/ Ajax, which is the first football stadium in the city featuring a retractable roof that takes 20 minutes to cover the ground or recede. In addition to hosting sports events it serves as an ideal venue for holding pop music concerts too and is a modern technological wonder courtesy its amenities.

10 – Visit Holland casino, which is located in the heart of the city, and enjoy an exciting gaming session after having taken tutorials. Something that sets this venue apart from others is that it entertains group bookings too wherein the program will be customized just as it suits you. As long as you are 18 years of age and are in possession of a valid passport, enjoyment and thrill of trying out a variety of casino games is well within reach.