Top 10 Attractions You Must Visit In Amsterdam

1 – Rijksmuseum, meaning the State Museum, started out as a National Art Gallery in 1800s’ and over the time span of two hundred years has evolved to rank not only as one of the best but also the most beautiful amongst museums the world over. Art is the theme which is revered within the walls of this museum and it boasts not only of a world-class collection of paintings but also that of antiques, cultural objects, drawings and photographs.

2 – Van Gogh Museum is home to the largest collection of renowned artist Vincent van Gogh’s work and would be nothing short of a temple for any connoisseur of art. In addition to displaying the gradual evolution of the artist, this vast collection also makes possible comparison with other well known artists belonging to the same or different eras. For the truly interested students of art, the visit should be timed to coincide with one of the exhibitions held by the museum on history of contemporary art.

3 – Founded in 1864, Tropen Museum is an ode to various races and ethnicities that exist in this world. As far as the permanent exhibitions are concerned, each offers a unique, in-depth and fun-filled journey through the particular theme so that visitors are definitely more knowledgeable when they emerge at the other end. For families with children, this forgotten museum is a treat especially its junior section while all age-groups must strive to attend an interactive session held every month titled ‘An object with a story’.

4 – Have you ever been spinmilled? To experience this, you must pay a visit to a windmill brewery named Brouwerij. Because the beer is brewed within the thatched windmill, it is cheap and comes in small glasses. However it does manage to deliver a punch that is strong enough to remain with you long after having swallowed and digested the last drop.

5 – For beer lovers, Heineken Experience is like a heavenly tour while for others it is an interesting insight into how one of most famous brands of beer evolved over the decades. This museum came into being when one of its oldest breweries could no longer be used for production but at the same time could not be left to dilapidate due to strong emotional attachments. Added attractions here are 3D and 4D affects related to the subject.

6 – Anne Frank House is where a little girl penned her diary to describe her family’s valiant efforts of escaping prosecution at the hands of the Nazis. ‘Touching’ is how most people describe this museum as it provides a glimpse into the lives of two families who lived in this hideout before being discovered. Anne’s words that she penned in her diary provide a vivid glimpse of what life must have been like for them to have been cooped up indoors for so long.

7 – In De Wallen, better known as the red light district of Amsterdam, just about everything is on display along the streets. While the restaurants will leave your mouth watering for more, live sex shows would leave you scintillated and Museum Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder would immerse you deep in tradition.

8 – Spend a day at the Dam Square, one of the oldest areas in Amsterdam, and get a first-hand feel of changing destinies. When you arrive at this locale, the first sight that would greet you is that of teeming pigeons and a multitude of bicycles but as you stroll through the various lanes do be prepared to come across everything from a royal palace to luxurious hotels and wax museums.

9 – Film Museum in Amsterdam is one of the best of its kind in the world as it strives to offer a valuable insight into the world of cinema in terms of its multi-faceted nature. After having been shifted a number of times, its present location has earned it many accolades and visitors not just because of the exhibits but also because of the calm and serene waterfront restaurant.

10 – The 175-year old Artis Zoo is a remarkable entity in itself as it is one of the few zoological gardens that have successfully managed to showcase animals in their natural settings without compromising on their comfort. In this zoo, while the animals rollick in their habitat, so do the visitors who enjoy observing each of the innumerable species.