Top 10 Bars You Should Grab a Drink While In Amsterdam

1 – Momo, a Japanese word that refers to beautiful fresh blossoms, is a mouth-watering Asian delicacy that has found its way into Amsterdam through a bar of the same name located at Hobbemastraat 1, 1071 XZ Amsterdam, Netherlands. Versatile though it is to serve an array of Japanese, Thai and Malay cuisines, Momo carries an empowering freshness which renders to it an irresistible feeling. So irrespective of whichever meal you land up here for, you can look forward to a memorable dining experience that is delicately flavored and replete with style.

2 – Located by the Amstel canal at Mauritskade 1, 1091 EW Amsterdam, Netherlands, Amstelhaven is characterized by a relaxed and cheerful ambience thanks to its idyllic location and a wooden deck stretching out into the water. You might walk in or arrive by boat while drifting along the canal and look forward to a typical Dutch meal accompanied by finest of wines. Scheduling a visit here over the weekend would hold promise of lots of fun courtesy of the live band that spurs dancing and revelry.

3 – Hanneke’s Boom at Dijksgracht 4, 1019 BS Amsterdam, Netherlands is a small rustic bar by the water which can be easily mistaken for a tree house courtesy its wooden construction. Although the menu is not as lengthy or comprehensive like a larger joint, it is well complemented with beer or wine and served with pleasure and warmth within a homely set-up. For a no-pretence evening with friends, this outfit offers a perfect setting.

4 – Enjoy Amsterdam from a height while dining at Skylounge, Oosterdoksstraat 4, 1011 DJ Amsterdam, and quiz yourself at the number of landmarks that you are able to point out and identify correctly. There is an indoor seating arrangement and a terrace and a number of alcoholic and non-alcoholic options are served here. All you need to do is find a suitable seat overlooking the city, place your order and look forward to a relaxed and serene evening.

5 – Whatever is your age-group, gender or profession Hesp in Weesperzijde 131, 1091 ER Amsterdam, Netherlands, will always welcome you with open arms and spoil you with their different varieties of beer and fairly comprehensive menu. Situated by the Amstel River, it is an ideal locale to spend the day during summer especially if you can secure a place by the water on the terrace.

6 – Bar Italia offers drinks and bites within a contemporary setting and its location at Rokin 81 83, 1012 KL Amsterdam, Netherlands makes it easily accessible at any time of the day and by anyone. Menu offered here echoes the neighborhood and hence is a blend of industrial and classic Italian while the atmosphere is informal and casual.

7 – The Butcher, unlike a stereotype bar, is a burger joint which takes pride in serving the freshest of food to its customers no matter what time of the day or night it might be. So when you visit this burger bar at 1072 CS Amsterdam, Netherlands, do not be intimidated by the typical entrance to a butcher’s shop with a big piece of meat gracing the entrance. Instead pass right through and won’t you be surprised to discover a cocktail bar hidden in an alcove and serving one of the friendliest crowds in the city?

8 – Ludwig which occupies Reguliersdwarsstraat 37, 1017 BK, Amsterdam is the people’s bar and entertains every human being regardless of their origin or preferences. It is a great venue for having a drink and partying till wee hours in the morning and in case the dance floor gets too crowded, you can always move on to the terrace extension in the street.

9 – Edel at Postjesweg 1, 1057 DT Amsterdam, Netherlands, offers you everything vintage but bearing a contemporary stamp. Simplicity is the byword here as seating in the bar is facilitated by wooden crates and surroundings are enlivened by placement of lots of plants. Drinks and cocktails are obvious inclusions in any order but something that is done differently is that steak is usually placed between vegetables.

10 – The Harbour Club is elegance personified not only in terms of its interiors but also its concept and motto, namely go green and save the planet. Before you arrive at Cruquiusweg 67, 1019 AT Amsterdam, Netherlands a useful recommendation would be to make an advance booking so that you can acquaint yourself with the menu and an array of drinks at your leisure. If you truly like it, then do remember to pick up some gift vouchers for gifting to someone you love.