Top 10 Festivals You Should Look Out For While In Amsterdam

1 – Koniginnendag, meaning King’s day, is one of the most important milestones for the Dutch since it marks the birth anniversary of the royal individual who is next in line for the throne. On this day, people of Amsterdam express their joy by organizing and participating in large-scale flea markets and wearing orange, the national color, from head to toe. It is one of the few occasions when the Dutch relinquish their trademark sophistication and go all out to enjoy.

2 – Welcome to the Future is one of the most eco-friendly festivals in the country and is a musical bonanza of sorts wherein music of different genres is effectively showcased. When it was held for the first time twenty years ago, little did anyone know that it would evolve as being one of the best in the world. But true to its reputation, this festival has upheld every one of its original resolves.

3 – Theme, fashion and style are some of the hallmarks of Valtifest, a lively summer festival that is held every year featuring a different theme. In 2013, this festival will kick off with ‘kak’ being the main theme accompanied by plenty of singing, dancing and display of latest trends.

4 – How would a festival be if celebrated outdoors amidst nature? Day at the Park is exactly that and much more because entertainment is provided to the crowd against the backdrop of trees and sky and there are plenty of choices in terms of drinks and edibles. Over all, venturing out into the forest just to attend this festival is a course of action that is likely to be well worth the effort not to mention memorable.

5 – Held in Westerpark, Amsterdam, Buiten Westen is a musical festival with musicians from various countries showcasing their talents in front of an enthusiastic and vibrant crowd. Other high points of this festival include creativity at its best and cultural unification of the countries taking part.

6 – Dance Valley, a summer time festival, was held for the first time in 1995 and since then is being held every year. Being a music and dance event, this festival welcomes artists of all genres around the world with open arms and hence is immensely popular amongst people. One of the reasons as to why this festival is a crowd puller is because it is a platform wherein many budding artists have performed for the first time and have eventually become famous.

7 – Loveland Festival is being held since 1995 and features all the ingredients of a fun-filled and frolicking time. Live performances are the order of the day here and having shouted hoarse to accompany all the musicians, you can always stroll over and settle down at one of the many restaurants in the immediate neighborhood.

8 – One of the biggest dance based festivals in the world, Amsterdam Dance Event is held in October year and pulls crowd thanks to its diversity. While night time is the time to enjoy, there is a day activity too and it is equally enjoyable if not more.

9 – Gay Pride Canal Cruise follows a pre-determined path along the canal and acts as a medium of putting forth rights and injustices suffered by the LGBT community. In order to participate in the regatta, you will need to prepare in advance by booking tickets and then returning to the starting point within the stipulated duration.

10 – Revolution 909 features a stage that is perfectly suited to techno but does not hesitate to feature other talented singers too. Innovation is the key here as well known as also novice musicians clamber on to the stage and perform in front of the already wild Amsterdam crowd.