Top 10 Restaurants You Should Eat At In Amsterdam

1 – Nam Kee at Zeedijk 113, 1012 AV Amsterdam, specializes in Chinese cuisine and has been serving authentic and delectable preparations since it opened its doors in 1981. The popularity of this restaurant can be gauged from the fact that in spite of being open seven days a week there is still a queue at the door and tables are shared amongst strangers. A signature fare here is that of oysters while Tja Siew and Peking Duck are preparations that strongly echo Chinese method of cooking.

2 – De Stadskantine in Van Woustraat 120, 1073 LT Amsterdam, Netherlands means ‘The City Canteen’ in Dutch and this is an apt description of this eating outfit located close to De Pijp. Unlike most restaurants, it offers a short and simple menu and this echoes the sentiments of the owner who had nursed a lifetime ambition of opening a canteen where people could eat and work at the same time. Therefore, do drop in to sample healthy preparations offered at fixed charges at any time of the day.

3 – Exquisite is the term that comes to mind while describing a dining experience at Dynasty, Reguliersdwarsstraat 30, 1017 BM Centrum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Anyone who walks into this restaurant is sure to be struck by the rich décor that is replete with Asian hallmarks like paper umbrellas and statues of laughing Buddha. On a visit there, a must-do entails acquiring a table on the terrace which is a replica of an affluent Chinese courtyard and sampling drunken prawns.

4 – Looks Dining appears to belong to a 16th century setting but as soon as you pass through the doors, the scene that awaits you is that of a contemporary décor characterized with all the elements of modern comfort. Located at Binnen Bantammerstraat 7, 1011 CH Amsterdam, Netherlands this eating outfit is a true representation of unity in diversity as individual decors on every floor are connected via mirrors. Seasonal produce is the main focus here and diners are also treated to an exposed kitchen so that they can grasp every bit of action that takes place behind the scenes too.

5 – When you step into Red in Keizersgracht 594, 1017 EN Amsterdam, Netherlands you are immediately transported to a typical Paris setting which comprises of every aspect of the city except the celebrated Eiffel Tower. Seafood, meat and wine of the premium quality are the high points of a dining experience here and are served in a classic yet relaxed décor.

6 – The Yamazato (Okura Hotel), Ferdinand Bolstraat 333 1072 LH Amsterdam, Netherlands is a temple of Japanese cuisine and this fact is further heightened by the Japanese décor that is reminiscent of yesteryears. In this restaurant you can look forward to sampling traditional Japanese hospitality, view a Japanese garden up close and sample the culinary delights hailing from this land of rising sun.

7 – Taste the marine aspect of Amsterdam at The Oysterbar as you are served a variety of local delicacies ranging from freshly procured oysters to other types of seafood. Leidseplein 10, Amsterdam is the address which this restaurant graces and because it is open all through the week, you can walk in at any time and even after having watched a movie at a theatre close by.

8 – If eating healthy is a priority for you and you like fresh produce then stroll over to Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3, 1097 DE Amsterdam, Netherlands, which is occupied by an eating joint named De Kas. An impressive glasshouse that it is, you can look forward to an unforgettable dining experience with one-half of the restaurant meant for people to sit down and savor every mouthful while the other half is dedicated to growing fresh produce for cooking.

9 – Bird is the restaurant to be in for avid foodies who love to experiment. Occupying Zeedijk 74, 1012 BA Amsterdam, Netherlands, this outfit specializes in Thai cuisine and has earned a reputation for serving healthy, hygienic and well prepared food at economical rates. In spite of having been located in an area which enjoyed a notorious reputation this restaurant has carved a niche for itself and enjoys a place of fondness in the hearts of locals and tourists alike.

10 – The College Hotel at Roelof Hartstraat 1, 1071 VE Amsterdam, Netherlands, is a 4-star property that serves as a training ground for fresh students who have finished their education and are about to step out into the real world of hotels and restaurants. As a guest at this hotel you might find yourself at the receiving end with novice staff looking after you but the very thought of providing encouragement to youngsters is inspiring enough to charter a visit.