Top 10 Shops You Should Spend Your Money While In Amsterdam

1 – South of Singel canal is a permanent feature in form of barges which has come to be accepted as one of the most soothing attractions of Amsterdam. As soon as you step into Bloemenmarkt, meaning floating flower market, you will be greeted by a delightful floral tapestry comprising of almost every conceivable color in the world. Spending time amidst these fragrant natural productions is indeed memorable and you can also take a part of it home by purchasing bulbs, seeds or gardening equipment.

2 – Rightly described as a store with a difference, Hutspot (vintage_ clothes) is the store to be in if you want to shop differently. Not only is the merchandise unique in its own way but the manner in which it is displayed is also creative to the extent of being catchy and alluring. Irrespective of your gender, age and preferences you are sure to find something here and if splurging on vintage clothes is not your style then simply wander around the floor space and appreciate the ingenuity of displays.

3 – For anyone who believes that shopping malls were a discovery of contemporary times, De Bijenkorf, Departmentstore in Amsterdam stands as a mute yet imposing monument to remind everyone that this concept was very much in vogue even during the 1870. Meaning ‘the beehive’, this flagship institution located in Dam Square offers six massive floors of specialty and generic shopping wherein every individual would find something for himself.

4 – If you have fallen in love with the picturesque canals of Amsterdam then the 9 streets running between them will surprise you to no end with their eclectic, innovative and creative offerings. For shoppers who are in search of exclusive, there are high-end boutiques, to satiate the artist in you there are galleries and specialty shops and to the delight of foodies there are eating joints that are a unique blend of liveliness and style.

5 – Visit Moooi Dutch interior design and discover how a room’s appearance can be transformed so dramatically that the final outcome would seem nothing short of magic. Experts in this outlet believe that elements like style, vivaciousness and balance are must-have ingredients in every room and hence endeavor to incorporate these in every creation. This is probably the reason as to why people in the city consider it to be a one-stop shop for all their interior decoration needs.

6 – Ennu is the only exception in an otherwise swank and wealthy neighborhood that has a variety of fashionable clothes gracing the shelves for both men and women. From Michelle Obama’s favorite designer to the latest Japanese trends, the merchandise is in total contrast to the stark interiors and before you know it the hours will have gone flying by.

7 – Cosmic Cowboys- PC hooftstraat is truly cosmic in nature as regards the range of goods that it has on offer not to mention the choice under each section. Although this store facilitates online shopping as well, physically visiting the store is strongly recommended for a memorable and enjoyable shopping experience.

8 – 1953 Retro chic is the store to visit if you love vintage clothing for everything that it stands for – cute, glamorous and rare. Thanks to the efforts of two collectors, this store offers the best vintage collection of secondhand apparel and accessories in Amsterdam so much so that many people have mistaken it for a museum. The icing on the cake is affordable pricing not to mention the authenticity of the wares.

9 – Blond but not in terms of hair because this store specializes in making pottery and adorning it with attractive shades, imaginative illustrations and retro designs. Started by two friends, this venture went on to emerge as one of the most successful brands in Amsterdam and even managed to create a niche for itself in the global arena. When you pay a visit, you must look out for the ‘Blondelicious’ range and the nostalgic 1950s’.

10 – Velvet in Magna Plaza is a fairly recent introduction to the city in the line of luxury fashion but one which has had an overwhelming impact on buyers. At a time when it is a little more than a decade old, this outlet is a Mecca for shoppers who put style before everything else and offers plenty of variation in terms of brands and individual styling.