Top 10 Bars You Should Grab a Drink At While In Berlin

1 – Club der Visionare, Am Flutgraben 1, is actually an old boathouse that has a timbered bar, floating docks, and a beautiful decommissioned boat. The dance floor might be small, but the DJs keep you dancing while spinning minimal techno.

2 – Mandy’s (reichenbergerstrasse, only Facebook page) is the venue that you should be present in if cozy is what you expect to feel while in a bar. Named after Barry Manilow Mandy, this bar is the epitome of warmth and luxury courtesy of its luxury sofas and wooden décor. Do order the signature Bloody Mary in case you land up there.

3 – Aufsturz (bierbar), Oranienburger StraBe 67, means lots of beer. Here you have more than 100 varieties of beer and over 40 different wines to pick from. If you like beer tasting this is the place to go. Taste some of the finest dark, Mexican, and smoked beers. When you need something to absorb the beer in your tummy then order some chicken wings or even a plate of nachos.

4 – Dachkammer (met huiskamergevoel), Simon-Dach-Str. 39, may not look like anything special on the outside, but venture to the upper floor. It is a large spacious area that comprises of small home rooms. It is ideal for a group of people to gather in a room where the pub appears to only belong to the group.

5 – Macondo (met huiskamergevoel), Gartnerstrasse 14, is a café slash bar and is more known as a reading place. The furniture is vintage yet trendy and there are board games for everyone to enjoy. This is a nice place just to sit and chill out while munching on fried yucca.

6 – Wohnzimmer (met huiskamergevoel), LettestraBe 6, is a great place for enjoying breakfast or brunch while having a drink. It is relaxed and laid back with a variety of different seats scattered around so everyone can find a seat for relaxing.

7 – Barbie Bar, Mehring Damm 77, lives up to its name since there are actual Barbie dolls placed all around on the inside. You can even see some sitting on the chandelier like they are watching over the den like angels. There are mouth watering cakes to enjoy along with cocktails or international wines.

8 – Kaffee Burger (bekend om de Russen disco, maar er zijn ook vaak lezingen en de bar is er gezellig), TorstraBe 60, leaves people wondering what kind of burgers are served and if it is a café. It is actually neither, but a club. Dress casual and enjoy the DJ, live bands and poetry reading. The music is a variety of indie pop disco themed to the 60’s tunes.

9 – Strandbar Oststrand, MuhlenstraBe 24, is an artificial beach that resembles the real thing. Enjoy the palm tree, the lovely fountain, or step up to the retro wicker bar and imagine being at a resort ordering your favorite drink. Climb a board the Agnes ship from 1907 and grab a seat while sipping on your drink.

10 – No Kangaroo, Muskauer Road 13, is run by native Austrians. Since people were confused and always asking about famous stars in Australia the phase ‘NO Kangaroos’ in Austria was born and that is how the place got its name. All food is authentically Austrian and there are Schnapps, wines, and smooth beers to choose from.