Top 10 Festivals You Should Pay a Visit While In Berlin

1 – Berlin Festival

2 – Berlin Music Week is scheduled for being held between 4th and 8th September, 2013, at Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg since this locale is believed to be the liveliest in a city that supposedly never sleeps. During this event, Berlin is transformed into a stage for performers, both old and new, the world over who are required to impress and enthrall an audience of around 20,000 with their musical talents.

3 – Seeed Berlin Festival which is due to be held in August, 2013, will be an open-air event with ardent fans fervently hoping that performance spans over two days or more. An 11-member German group that has been spinning tunes since 1998, Seeed uses three languages to convey its musical ingenuity to the world namely German, English and Patois from Jamaica. A feature that differentiates this group from its competitors both past and present is the incorporation of horns in its compositions courtesy of its horn section.

4 – There is nothing about Melt Festival that will not enamor you – from the open-air venue with huge and eerie machines on display to the unrestricted revelry in the camp and of course the most eclectic collection of music being played throughout the night. Held in July, it draws people from all over the world who camp by the shores of an expansive lake and take a dip in its cool waters in the morning to wash off the sweat generated from partying all night.

5 – If you need a break from your everyday grind then you must apply for attending the Fusion Festival that takes place towards the end of June at Mecklenburg. It is an ode to music that extends over four days and irrespective of whether you are parked amidst the drivers, caravans or the backpackers, you are bound to come out with plenty of memories. Apart from music, socializing is the byword here along with binging on strictly vegetarian fare.

6 – ‘BerMuDa’ is an acronym for Berlin Music Days is a festival which envelopes the entire city in its fold for the week that it is in celebration. For people who are good in music, performing in front of huge audience is an ultimate opportunity while others who love music but are not good at it can be utilize this opportunity to express their talents in organizing and creativity. However, booking a comfortable hotel in advance is a must because the city is simply swamped with people at this time.

7 – Once a year in the month of June people from different cultures, races, ethnicities and religion who have made Berlin their home come out on the streets and display their origins in a vivid splash of color and gaiety. So contagious is the atmosphere at Karneval der Kulturen that it attracts innumerable visitors from all over the world to take part in this carnival of cultures.

8 – You can demonstrate through violence and you can express your dissent by organizing a peace march. But credit for employing the most effective way to put across a point goes to the organizers of CSD, an acronym for Christopher Street Day, wherein a colorful parade acts as a medium to put forward rights of the LGBT community. Held since 1979, this parade has come a long way from its earlier avatar as it continues to project the problems faced by this community in an ever-changing environment.

9 – Lange-nacht-der-museen, on literal translation means long night of museums in summer, and true to its name this festival takes place towards the end of August to bid adieu to summer and all its goodness. Participants in this festival are many museums of this city which open their doors and welcome people to step in and share their world of art, history and cultural diversity.

10 – Comprising of 128 musicians, Berlin Philharmonic is an entity in itself that can be expected to offer something new and unique in each one of its concerts. Musical compositions aside, something that has earned this organization global repute is its ability to attract theatrical talent from all over the world and showcase it on an international platform.