Top 10 Fun Facts You Should Know About Berlin

Did you know that there is a contagious fun-side to the city of Berlin? In addition to its rich past and strong cultural fabric, this German capital boasts of many fun facts that lend to it a lively and imaginative appeal. Following is a compilation that would provide you with sufficient inspiration to visit –

1 – Have you ever been through an aquarium? When you step into the lobby of Radission Blu hotel, you would find yourself suddenly confronted with a cylindrical aquarium which is so massive that it is able to accommodate even the elevator with relative ease in addition to a wide variety of marine inhabitants. Riding in the elevator’s car would lead you up/down through 82 feet of a million liters of sea-water, the only pity being that it is totally out of bounds for diving.

2 –Berlin is much more than what meets the eye and you will have to delve deep into its bowels to realize its true character. Popular as Berliner Unterwelten, meaning underground Berlin, it is an off-beat tourist attraction that could be best described as a muffled whisper from the past. Once you descend into the depths, be prepared to be awed and intrigued by the extent of construction that is revealed ranging from war bunkers to communication lines and U-Bahn rail lines.

3 – A city has many perspectives and one of the most interesting journeys would be to view it from the eyes of a professional bus or taxi driver. So opt for a package that suits your circumstances the best and look at Berlin from the eyes of a local.

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5 – Das Ost-Ampelmannchen in Berlin originated in East Germany in 1961 wherein the term ‘Ampelmannchen’ on literal translation means Ampoule Man. These lights depict miniature red ‘stayers’ and green ‘goers’ wearing a hat to guide people so that even the color blind are able to comprehend with ease. Subsequent to the unification of the country, these are probably the only legacy that is reminiscent of the now non-existent communist east and now grace a variety of tourist souvenirs.

6 – Abounding in natural resources, Berlin is a paradise for nature lovers and when you pay a visit to Grunewald, you can expect to be treated to more than one creation. Occupying the western fringes of Berlin, spending a day in the company of flora and fauna is a must especially when it also provides you with the opportunity to cross the expansive lakes and explore the two islets.

7 – There are lots of gardens in Berlin too and you can select one not only as per your current mood but also according to the season. For avid history enthusiasts, Castle Park Charlottenburg would serve as an ideal locale courtesy of its royal setting while visitors with a global mindset could spend their day at Erholungspark Marzahn theme park. To bid the freezing cold winter goodbye and welcome spring, it is the Britzer Garden that you should be headed to.

8 – Thanks to its extensive interconnected system of waterways, Berlin is a tough competitor to its more popular European counterpart, Venice, and definitely more economical. While floating along the canal on any object you can cross as many as 1700 bridges so why not carry a sizeable beer cooler along?

9 – When the famous American popstar Michael Jackson dangled his six-month old baby boy from the balcony of Hotel Adlon in Berlin in 2002, not only did it send shock waves the world over but also earned the hotel as also the city widespread publicity.

10 – One of the most audible as also persistent Berlin buzzes pertains to the fact that Berlin is big enough to accommodate nine cities the size of Paris on any given day.