Top 10 Must-do Activities in Berlin

While in Berlin, there are lots of places to visit and there are lots of things to do. Personal choices notwithstanding, some of the activities are such that they hold appeal for all age-groups and hence must be indulged into –

1 – Challenge and excitement are two main ingredients for any enjoyable holiday and the venue in Berlin that offers both is MountMitte. A high-rope course built as per contemporary concepts and requisites, there are several difficulty levels to suit climbers both amateurs and experts as long as they are above seven years of age. So satiate the ape in you by exploring as much of this aerial suspension as possible within the safety of a climbing harness and a rope.

2 – Courtesy of the presence of River Spree and innumerable lakes that dot its meandering course, canoeing and kayaking are readily available for any inquisitive tourist who needs a break from the madding crowds. A particularly attractive option is that of choosing Gosen as your canoeing destination as in addition to affording different boating options the trip would also provide a peek into the strategic maneuvers of King Frederick during the 18th century.

3 – Freiluftkino is the German version of the American drive-in theater and has been a part of Berliner’s social fabric since 1994 when the first of its kind Freiluftkino Kreuzberg opened in 1994. Seating arrangements vary from chairs to grass lawns and the spectrum of movies accommodates everything from local German to English and foreign films from almost every country around the world.

4 – Meaning Devil’s Mountain on literal translation, Teufelsberg is strongly reminiscent of the city’s tumultuous past and to this day remains under dispute as to what should be done about it. Till then you can also follow the footsteps of Berliners and utilize the mystique aura for hiking, gliding, sun-bathing or simply appreciating the ingenuity of Americans for having concealed a listening platform within.

5 – An ode to thousands of Russian soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the Battle of Berlin, circa 1945, the Soviet War Memorial in Treptower Park is a graphic expression of unwavering determination and emotions that marked the end of Second World War. You must visit this epic landmark not just to appreciate the awesome 12-feet statue of a Russian soldier but to follow the battle through the murals and finally settle down in some corner of the vast immaculate lawns for a sumptuous picnic.

6 – Who would have thought that a stretch of land once serving as a death strip during the war would transform into a lively and pulsating temple of music? Such was the fate of Mauerpark, meaning Wall Park, thanks to the efforts of Joe Hatchiban, an Irishman who has made Berlin his home. If you arrive at this venue at three in the afternoon on Sunday, you would be witness to Bearpit Karaoke and would find yourself reveling in the contagious mob mentality.

7 – For someone who has always harbored a soft corner for Roman baths, visiting the Liquidrom must feature in the list of things-to-do in Berlin, the only warning being to be prepared for the completely urbane setting in which patrons are expected to soak themselves. Complete with uber light projections, signatory arches and soothing background music you have a choice of enjoying a communal thermal bath in the concrete room or enjoy a sauna in a private chamber.

8 – Every city has two facets to it – one which is on the outside and visible to the world and the other underlying the façade which is lesser known. It is the second category that Berlinagenten belongs to and since it claims to provide a glimpse into the hardly apparent aspect of the city, it sounds perfect for an inquisitive traveler.

9 – Instead of letting the winter gloom get you down, cheer yourself up by paying a visit to the brightly lit art galleries at Hackescher Markt and appreciating artistic ingenuity of artists from all over the world.

10 – Topography of Terror is a collective term used for cluster of buildings that served as the Nazi head-quarters from 1933 till the complete wipe-out of the Third Reich in 1945. Having slipped into oblivion soon after the end of the war, it re-emerged during the 1980s’ to reinstate itself as one of the most visited tourist locations in Berlin. A visit here would provide a detailed insight about how the reign of terror was planned and implemented.