Top 10 Nightclubs You Should Shake Your Feet While In Berlin

1 – Berghain, Am Wriezener Bahnhof, is where the party begins and ends. There are two dance floors for you to groove on, techno is spun by DJs in the main room which is dark, Panorama Bar, and space upstairs. There is a doorman who decides who can come in and who has to be turned away.

2 – Kater Holzig, MichaelkirchstraBe 23, is a club that is not only large, but can be enjoyed both on the outside as also inside. Grab a dance partner and step into the structure that resembles a cabin and move to the beat on the wooden dance floor. The dance floor inside is a bit smaller than the one outside. If it is still early and your appetite is kicking in the head on up to the top floor and enjoy a delicious meal at the restaurant Katerschmaus.

3 – Salon zur Wilde Renate, Alt-Stralau 70, is an old apartment building. Enjoy dancing on the dance floor located at ground level or one of the two located upstairs. Each night is different as to which dance floor will be the main one for the evening. There are occasions when a VIP room is requested and this is when the attic space is opened up.

4 – ://about blank which is located at Ostkreuz S-Bahnhof, Friedrichshain, reflects the true spirit of Berlin, meaning to be different and to have fun but without compromising on quality. To enter this club, you will have to duck behind a shrub and depending on the season can dance indoors or outdoors amongst the trees. Something that makes this nightclub unique is that it is equally vivacious during the day as it is throughout the night.

5 – Suicide Circus, Revaler Strasse 99, is where the party goes on all night long. Parties are usually techno and new wave disco. This part of town was not renowned for clubs until Suicide Circus opened up but now ranks as one of the hottest.

6 – Insomnia, Alt-Tempelhof 17-19, will not allow you to sleep off. Clubbers are erotically inspired and meet here regularly. No matter how glamorous and colorful the creatures walking around the night are they will be welcome here. Your senses will love the quality and quantity of catering that goes on here.

7 – Club der Visionaire, Am Flutgraben 1, is cocooned within a brick building that is small. The dance floor is downstairs while upstairs there are offices. Only around 50 dancers can be on the dance floor at one time. Many people like to be outside hanging out on the deck that is wooden. There are two things that determine if the club will open for business, namely weather and number of people in attendance.

8 – Stattbad, Gerichstrasse 65, used to be a swimming complex once upon a time. Now the party takes place in the basement where pipes line the walls and the colored lights are all around. When the DJs start spinning their tunes the floor packs up and pretty much stays the same throughout till the wee hours of the morning.

9 – Weekend, Alexanderstrasse 7, is found in the building Haus Des Reisens. When the party is in full swing the club dominates floor 12, 15, and the entire roof. The music enjoyed here is house and techno. On Friday and Saturday Weekend is closed, but Thursday through Sunday offers plenty of dancing and partying.

10 – Raumklang, Libauer Strabe 1, is one big speaker box. Music here is not too loud and nor is it extremely soft. Placed under the dance floor, which is hovering gracefully on top of the steel spring, subwoofers are set up. This is a high end lounge that has plenty of dancing.