Top 10 Restaurants You Should Eat

1 – Max und Moritz, Oranienstraße 162, U-Bhf Moritzplatz, has been around for so long that its presence in Berlin is more or less taken for granted by Berliners and tourists alike as are its traditional menu, style of preparation and size of portions. Something that has always been a part of this restaurant since the day it opened its doors to foodies in 1902 is its signature schnitzel followed by an apt description, kitsch, meaning right.

2 – die Standige Vertretung, located at Schiffbauerdamm 8, S+U-Bhf Friedrichstraße, is originally a West German creation which satiated the gastronomes in Bonn for 25 long years. Therefore, it was but natural for this legacy to be carried to the new capital subsequent to unification. As a result the second outlet was inaugurated in Berlin with much of the menu remaining the same except for the addition of a few Berlin specialties.

3 – Nola’s, at Veteranenstraße 9 , U-Bhf Rosenthaler Platz, is where you should be if you need a break from the hectic and non-stop city-life and yet do not have the time to leave town. Strongly reminiscent of a Swiss chalet, a huge plus point of this restaurant is its terrace overlooking an expansive lawn dotted with picturesque trees complete with a pond full of lilies. Add to it a mouthwatering array of European dishes and you have a perfect reason to visit.

4 – Restaurant Ø, at Mehringdamm 80, U-Bhf Mehringdamm, is yet another example of a carryover from the pre-unification era. ‘Ø’ is a Danish symbol that means ‘Island’ and to that effect this restaurant is a world in itself given the combination of old and new that it showcases so effectively. While East German lamps and colorful depictions of Moscow are reminders of the past, lime yoghurt and tartar of beef point the way forward.

5 – No Kangaroo, located at Muskauer Straße 13, U-Bhf Görlitzer Bahnhof, opened its doors to diners not just for the sake of glorifying ethnic Austrian cuisine but also for upholding its distinct identity vis-à-vis its namesake Australia. Whether it is the décor, culinary preparations, music or mannerisms, national pride is a mandatory ingredient that is abundantly echoed in every aspect.

6 – Have you ever dined in complete darkness? Unless you have been to Unsichtbar at Gormannstraße 14 – U-Bhf Rosenthalerplatz, your reply would probably be negative because this is the only restaurant that focuses on every sense except that of vision. How would you handle yourself in the dark? For that all you have to do is put your faith in your visually challenged waiter and wait for all your other senses to come alive.

7 – Visit Schneeweiß, meaning snow white, and experience the goodness of white décor contradicted elegantly with dark wooden panels. Simplonstraße 16, S+U-bhf Warschauer Straße is the address at which this Austrian specialty restaurant is located and you can tuck in the authentic cuisine rest assured that the seven dwarfs are not likely to appear. Quality of food notwithstanding, if there was ever a classic combination of style and comfort, it would be none other than this.

8 – Do you need a break from traditional German or Austrian cuisine? Then opt to dine at Horvarth at Paul Lincke Ufer 44a, U-bhf Kottbusser Tor. The menu at this joint is not only a deviation from the usual but also features a wide variety of vegetarian dishes thanks to the creative efforts of its two renowned chefs.

9 – Tim Raue at Rudi-Dutschke Straße 26, U-bhf Kochstraße is where you should spend the evening if you enjoy tucking in delectable and well flavored Asian culinary delights. Amongst the many out-of-ordinary sights that would strike you about this place, the most memorable is the glass partition separating the dining area from the kitchen thus exposing the latter completely. Also unique is the casual dress code of the staff as also the fact that the chef, a local hailing from Kreuzberg, makes it a point to interact with all his guests.

10 – Everything at Sasaya, Lychener Straße 50, U-bhf Eberswalder Straße, seems like it is the ultimate in dining experience. Innovation is the byword which is aptly reflected in the selection of Japanese cuisine that ventures beyond the sushi rolls and warm hospitality is what comes to mind when discussing the menu with the staff.