Top 10 Bars You Should Grab a Drink at While In London

1 – It was sometime during the 18th century that The Mayflower, 117 Rotherhithe St, London SE16 4NF, United Kingdom, was constructed on the banks of River Thames with the intention of creating a convenient watering point for thirsty seamen. Having endured through two long centuries, it continues to serve its original role although with a touch of an experienced gourmet. So whether it is an evening for two or a get-together, this venue is ideal not just for great food, wine and prices but also for its unparalleled vistas of one of the oldest rivers in the world.

2 – Dog & Duck, 18 Bateman St, London W1D 3AJ, United Kingdom, upholds a legacy that stretches way back in time to early 18th century and given its popularity it appears to be doing a good job of preserving age-old traditions. Something that attracts people to this tiny and typical English pub is its irresistible charm and when tempered liberally with genuine ales, appetizing food and suave British hospitality, the package is simply too good to turn down.

3 – Meant as a commemoration to an Irish for having founded the Spectator, Sir Richard Steele, 97 Haverstock Hill, London, Greater London NW3 4RL, United Kingdom, is characterized by dim and rustic interiors wherein you could get yourself drunk in any kind of alcohol. There is no dearth of atmosphere here courtesy high Victorian walls and live band doling out popular tunes inspired by Irish folk music.

4 – Greenwich Union, 56 Royal Hill, London SE10 8RT, United Kingdom, is aptly named since it is located right on the Greenwich Meridian and offers global blends which explains the term ‘Union’. Contemporary is the byword that describes everything here from the décor to the ambience as also the modus operandi wherein you are allowed to sample some of the rarest creations like chocolate flavored stout and ale that is blonde in color.

5 – Team up cozy with charming of the olden days and what you get is The Earl Ferrers, 22 Ellora Rd, London, Greater London SW16 6JF, United Kingdom. If you need more encouragement then probably the mention of five varieties of beer always on the offer should suffice. That said you can look forward to spending your time in this rustic old-world setting tucking in choicest of drinks.

6 – The Queen’s Head, 15 Denman Street, Piccadilly Circus, London, United Kingdom, opened its doors in 1736 and since then has been serving people quality food and wine as per the laid and accepted standards of the city. Because it is close to one of the most thronged areas of the city, an option here is that of pre-theater meal which is offered at attractive rates.

7 – Fox & Anchor, 115 Charterhouse St, Greater London EC1M 6AA, United Kingdom, takes pride in serving beer brewed in far-off nooks and corners of the country along with surprisingly simple fare. When compared to the plush décor that characterizes each of the bedrooms and etched glass that brightens the interiors, it appears like a sharp contrast but may be that is exactly what the management might be aiming for.

8 – Princess Louise, 208 High Holborn, London WC1V 7EP, United Kingdom, at some point of time in the past had been a celebrated Victorian Public House wherein seating arrangement as also the fare provided to the customers was as per a strict social stratification. Having come a long way since then today this pub is ideal for people interested in having mediocre ales and lagers at room temperature amidst a typically metropolitan setting.

9 – Occupying the 15th floor of a plush hotel is a pub named The Heights, St Georges Hotel, Langham Pl, London W1B 2QS, United Kingdom, and it is one of the few outfits in the city that revel in serving international cuisine to its customers. While tucking in one of their sumptuous European meals or sipping afternoon tea, do take a look around to see whom you can spot or look beyond the glass at the vast and mesmerizing London landscape spread beneath.

10 – The Faltering Fullback, 19 Perth Rd, London N4 3HB, United Kingdom, is a typical Irish pub and truly reflective of Irish culture given the number of activities that always mark the daily hours. An evening here starts with collecting your drinks and eats and retiring to the room that suits your individual interests the best, some of the choices being the pool-side, beer garden, barn and the quietest central area.