Top 10 Festivals You Must Attend While In London

1 – Field Day Festival is held at Victoria Park, East London, every year wherein musicians specializing in different genres display their vocal talents in front of a huge crowd. Organized to resemble a village fete, visitors are requested to arrive by public transport owing to dearth of parking space and are expected to observe a strict policy of non-interference with locals. Over all, it could be described as a fitting tribute to music like no other in terms of scale, popularity and diversity.

2 – Bushstock Festival is one of the recent odes to music that is into its third year with the concert taking place in June as usual. A unique feature of this event is that its musical journey is more obsessed with quality than quantity or diversity which is why spectators here are entitled to hit treasure rather than simply swinging to any tune. Thanks to its promoter, Communion, the line-up of bands playing is usually star-studded and it is already building up a rich legacy.

3 – Hard Rock Calling has had an impressive line-up for the last eight years but is currently facing problems as regards its sponsorship. However, its financial woes have been unable to cause a dent in the dedication of the group towards their main passion and it remains as committed towards the cause of promoting music worldwide as before.

4 – British Summer Time Hyde Park is an extravagant 2-week festival wherein there is something for everyone as long as you opt for a suitable zone amongst the four themes that are offered. With its wide array of entertainment options ranging from family day on to literature and sports, this festival adds on to the already rich legacy of Hyde Park through its star-studded cultural events and musical concerts.

5 – 2013 witnessed the shifting of venue of the Wireless Festival from its regular venue at Hyde Park to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park with hardly any dent in its glamour or popularity. Venue for the 2012 London Olympics, Queen Elizabeth is well known for its open spaces and waterways all of which will resonate to the tunes of Justin Timberlake and Jay Z in July when the doors of the festival open.

6 – Victoria Park in the eastern flank of London is the place you should be in if you love music because it is here that Lovebox, an ode to music, is held every year in the month of July. Started by professional musicians who have played beyond the shores of Britain, this festival is a multi-dimensional ode to various forms of music that can be attended by one and all. Characterized by a well decorated stage and a rural and sandy backdrop, this event is creativity personified and hence a must for all music lovers.

7 – Live by the Lake is a musical celebration that takes place on the banks of a lake at Kenwood House thus making it one of the few events to have been organized in a serene, soothing and picturesque setting. Rock, Indie, Classical, Suede and many more genres finding representation here, it is one of the most eclectic as also enjoyable events dotting the city’s timetable after a year-long break.

8 – iTunes Festival has been taking place in September every year since 2007 and its sponsor being Apple Inc. it happens to be one of few events that can be enjoyed sans entry fee. Ever since its inauguration the festival has been drawing leading performers the world over and they are granted the privilege to perform here after their application has been approved by Apple TV.

9 – Balham Comedy Festival is spread all over the premises of Bedford Pub wherein some of the rooms would feature solo performances and others a full-fledged parody of the Banana Cabaret cast. Held in July every year, it is regarded as being one of the most hilarious events on the London scene that is sure to send you into peals of laughter in no time and ensure that you keep on laughing for as long as you are there.

10 – East End Live is a healthy mix of old and new music and hence is unique in the type of entertainment that it provides. From art musicians to rock-stars everyone gets a chance to play on the stage and wow the audience with their respective talents.