Top 10 Restaurants You Should Eat At While In London

1 – One Lombard Street Restaurant, London EC3V 9AA, appears to be as official as its neighbors namely the Lord Mayor’s residence and Bank of England but as soon as you enter through the doors be prepared to be greeted by a plush ambience exuding warmth. Unlike many restaurants which have entered and exited the dining scene of the city, this restaurant has not only managed to survive through the good and bad times but has upheld its quality too. The only drawback here is parking and if you are able to work that out, then an exemplary eating-out experience awaits you.

2 – Afternoon Tea at Harrods is a must-have in every visitor’s itinerary because not only does it offer a glimpse into Londoner’s love for this beverage but also reveals the secret behind its popularity. Who would have the will-power to refuse a cup of tea if it is accompanied by paper-thin sandwiches, fresh pastries and crisp croissants? Given the array of delicious accompaniments, it is but natural that English look forward to their cuppa of afternoon tea and ensure that visitors to their city share this culture too.

3 – The Wolseley, Piccadilly, 160 Piccadilly, London W1J 9EB, United Kingdom, is housed within a building which is one of the oldest in the city and celebrates both eras with equal pomp. While the old legacy is evident in form of displays and timeless tradition of afternoon tea and impeccable service, modernism is echoed through a versatile menu and multi-ethnic customer base. Some of the highlights here are oysters and healthy mix of British and European dishes so there is something for every palate here.

4 – Wild Honey, 12 St George St, London, Greater London W1S 2FB, United Kingdom, is definitely not wild and surely not dripping with honey. Within the restaurant the closest reference to its name can be drawn from the wooden paneling and comfortable furnishings not to mention a soothing ambience. This restaurant specializes in serving exciting innovations of French cuisine created with fresh seasonal produce and accompanied by the best of wines.

5 – Coq d’Argent, 1 Poultry, London EC2R 8EJ, United Kingdom, is a haven for those who wish to relish and savor the culinary delights of France while in England. On any given evening at this restaurant, you can look forward to classic French preparations cooked with local ingredients, picking a wine from a massive collection and puffing at a Havana cigar as a fitting conclusion.

6 – L’Autre Pied, 5-7 Blandford Street, Marylebone, London, United Kingdom, is creativity personified as it strives to serve skillfully prepared food the inspiration of which is attributed to France. Anyone walking into this restaurant might assume this outfit to be mediocre given its casual feel, but this impression is short-lived and swallowed with the first delicious mouthful. If cooking is a passion, then this restaurant is definitely an ode to this strong emotion.

7 – Benares, 12a Berkeley Square House, Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London W1J 6BS, United Kingdom, truly echoes the exquisite nature of Indian cuisine but at the same time retains a unique English touch. An up-market location, stylish décor and unmatched reputation are backed by a skilled, creative and innovative chef who never fails to add a personal zing to every dish.

8 – Grand Café, Royal Exchange, Mezzanine Floor, Change Alley, London, Greater London EC3V 3LR, United Kingdom, although housed in a well known financial trade center and neighbored by a swank French specialty restaurant has still managed to carve its own clientele. Courtesy of attractive, appealing and appetizing snacks, its reputation of being a gastronome’s Mecca is totally apt and its cocktail list truly mesmerizing.

9 – Given the fact that Simpson’s Tavern, 38 1/2, Ball Court Alley, Cornhill, London, Greater London EC3V 9DR, United Kingdom, is one of the oldest restaurants in London, you would expect a stiff-upper-lip atmosphere that Britain of yesteryears is associated with. In fact, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that your opinion could not be more contradictory. While traditions are upheld through signature sausages and insignificant appetizers, the ambience is mostly informal and friendly thus enabling one and all to feel at ease while dining.

10 – Is Manchurian Legends, 16 Lisle St, London WC2H 7BE, United Kingdom another addition to the already long list of Chinese restaurants in London? The answer to this would be both yeas and no – yes because it indeed specializes in serving Chinese cuisine and no because the selection of dishes is inspired particularly from the Dongbei region. With its emphasis on street food, homely cooking methods and delicate blend of flavors, this restaurant serves a distinctly unique fare amidst clam, serene and soothing surroundings.