Top 10 Things to Do While In London

1 – To take the Jack the Ripper tour that are organized at Aldgate East, Exit 3, Whitechapel High St, London E1 7QX, United Kingdom and you will need to be strong-willed and courageous in order to tread on the footsteps of the most dreaded murderer of the late 19th century. Set against the backdrop of impoverished conditions that characterized East End during that era, the walk is inclusive not just of the sites of the gory killings but also the Ten Bells Pub which was believed to be the last haunt of his victims.

2 – Although China is where tea is believed to have originated, credit goes to the British for having popularized the concept of Afternoon tea. Served between 4-6 pm in the evening along with several delicious accompaniments like cakes, finger sandwiches and scones, it is one of the 19th century traditions followed by bourgeois that has endured till this day. So synonymous it is with English culture that any visit bereft of at least one session is regarded as being incomplete.

3 – Drink a pint in a pub and ensure that it is indeed a memorable experience by choosing the venue after plenty of research and sampling many different varieties. If you are on a visit, then you must make it a point to try the different genres of pubs that UK offers and appreciate the distinctly unique atmosphere that each one sports.

4 – Abbey Road Crossing (Beatles) is where the famous rock group underwent their first photo shoot in 1969 for their album which soon became a rage the world over. The picture showed the four iconic musicians of this world renowned band crossing the road from the zebra crossing and since then innumerable tourists have flocked to tread on their footsteps. Emulating their favorite rock group is probably the best way for people to express support and solidarity not to mention appreciation for having gifted the world a plethora of timeless tunes.

5 – An interesting piece of information pertaining to Buckingham Palace, official residence of Queen Elizabeth, is that it is believed to have been built in 1702 on the site of a notorious brothel. Another fun fact related to this structure is that the then monarch had the area planted with mulberry bushes prior to the construction of the building with a view to commence indigenous production of silk. Unfortunately, the variety never adapted itself to English soil and the silkworms did not survive thus making way for construction.

6 – The Wallace Collection, Hertford House, Manchester Square, London, Greater London W1U 3BN, United Kingdom, is a treat for art lovers since it comprises of valuable objects and priceless paintings acquired over many years by several generations of a single family. In addition to being a museum, this venue is ideal for hosting ceremonies, formal parties and banquets courtesy its opulent décor.

7 – Horniman Museum, 100 London Rd, London SE23 3PQ, United Kingdom, is more than 100 years old but still never fails to impress visitors regardless of their age, nationality or any other condition. Having posed by the famed walrus and appreciated the indoor exhibits, it is time to check out the exotic inhabitants of the aquarium, spend a few calm moments in the Sunken Garden and enjoy live music at Bandstand.

8 – Presence of Peter Pan Statue, Kensington Gardens, London W2 4RU, United Kingdom, on the bank of Long Water Lake is largely attributed to the unrelenting efforts of the author J.M. Barrie who created the character of Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up. It depicts a boy proudly perched on a stump of a tree and blowing his pipe as he is watched by fairies, rabbits, mice and other creatures.

9 – Changing of the Guard is one of the longest standing traditions that draw large crowds in spite of this being the era of computer and technology. Carried out by the Buckingham Palace Detachment of the Queen’s Guard the ceremony entails exchanging of duty wherein the old guard hands over its duties for the day to the fresh detachment. A platoon of guards clad in red tunics and bearskins perched on their heads marching to the band in a synchronized manner is definitely a sight that is likely to remain etched in your memory for a long time to come.

10 – Street Markets are where you should be if you wish to appreciate London for everything that it truly is. While these are spread out all across the city, an element that they share is the distinct individuality in the products that they offer and wide array of merchandise ranging from funky fashion to latest musical tracks. All you need to do is to find one that seems to be most suitable for you and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of revelry and active socializing.