Top 10 Activities You Should Indulge In While In Stockholm

1 – Outdoor swimming in Stockholm – One of the foremost reasons as to why swimming outdoor is a way of life in the Swedish capital of Stockholm is that the water is clean enough irrespective of its location and without the usage of chlorine. While some areas feature a pristine beach with soft sand to relax on, others are surrounded by cliffs to jump from and venues vary in terms of facilities like life-guard, showers and changing rooms. A truly unique experience comes from swimming in sjon, meaning an inland extension of the sea.

2 – Biking in Stockholm – Stockholm is one of the few cities in the world which automatically appear so much more beautiful when explored on a bike instead of the traditional bus or other means of transport? Your two-wheeled vehicle will take you to the remotest corners tucked away somewhere amidst the 14 islands waiting to be discovered. All you need to do is follow a pre-determined cycling route and at the end of it all you will have seen so much more of the city than you ever imagined.

3 – Hiking trails – Everyone needs a break from the fast-paced life that is typical of cities nowadays and when you are in Stockholm taking such a break is easier courtesy of many hiking trails crisscrossing the city as also penetrating its fringes. Opting for any of the trails would lead you off the beaten track into wilderness and you would have the opportunity to explore nature and ancient manmade structures at their virgin best.

4 – Tyresta National Park – Traveling just 20 more kilometers beyond Stockholm would bring you to a dense forest wherein primordial trees and plants cover the crevices that are characteristic of a rift valley. Once you are enveloped by untamed wilderness, there is so much to do and so much to see from acknowledging the abilities of our stone-age ancestors to swimming in a fresh water lake and learning about the habitat within a building shaped like the map of Sweden.

5 – Hellasgarden – Whether it is summer, winter or spring, Hellasgarden, an outdoor activity center, is the venue you should be headed towards. Located a short distance away from Stockholm, you can indulge in any kind of sports activity irrespective of the time of the year but there is a special incentive if you schedule your visit during summer or spring. It pertains to gathering wild berries which grow by the road-side in the warmer months.

6 – Blue Hamam – Located within a luxury hotel occupying a promontory in Stockholm, this spa takes pride in having transported some of the most delightful Turkish treatments right into the heart of Nordic territory. Highlighting the fact that life is but a journey of contrasts, services at the spa range from classic healing massage and yoga therapy to sauna, whirlpool and hot-water tub fueled by wood nestled amidst nature.

7 – Hammarbybacken Ski Resort – Welcome winter with joy and make optimum use of its pristine white beauty by skiing on the slopes of this easily accessible resort. Operating as a fully equipped ski center complete with school, rental as also an eating joint, it is a perfect venue to enjoy snow regardless of your level and expertise.

8 – Play golf at Bro Hof Slott – Scenic is the best way to describe this luxurious and expansive golf course comprising of 36 holes and stretching over seven kilometers. Given the impeccable maintenance and standard of contemporary amenities ranging from manor-style accommodation to high-society dining, it is surprising as to why it is ranked amongst one of the best in the world.

9 – Listen to Jazz at Glenn Miller – Thanks to a live band that plays throughout the week and a fully operational kitchen serving mouth-watering delicacies, this venue enjoys the status of being the best for jazz-lovers in the city. Even if you are not a big fan of Jazz, you can still spend more than an evening there to nestle amidst calm and cozy interiors.

10 – Hot air balloon flights – Up and far above the ground, you would be swiveling around in the basket of your hot air balloon and trying to decide which view is the best. Peeking down at Stockholm from such a height would completely transform your perspective of this city and enable you to truly appreciate the colorful tapestry that it actually is.