Top 10 Attractions You Must Visit While In Stockholm

1 – Gröna Lund Amusement Park is one of Stockholm’s most joyful attractions comprising of as many as 32 rides spread over more than 30 acres. Meaning Green Grove, it was established in 1882 and has since then expanded its boundaries to encompass many of the old buildings that have occupied this central part of the city for many years. At Grona Lund, there is something for everyone and sometimes amusement takes the form of musical concerts too with many world renowned and local performers treating it as their crucial first professional step.

2 – The main characters who carry out the famous Changing of the Guard ceremony in Stockholm are the 30,000 soldiers who form the Royal Guard unit and are responsible not just for protecting the Royal castle but also His Majesty, King of Sweden. It is one of the most fascinating traditions wherein a cavalcade of guards marches through the city to the tune of the military band till it reaches the gates of the palace wherein the duties are duly exchanged. Although the ceremony repeats itself every day all through the year, timings are subject to seasonal variations and hence should be checked beforehand.

3 – Paying a visit to Skansen is must because it offers a peek into the Nordic way of life like no other exhibit. Every display in this open-air museum echoes the manner in which different communities in this part of the world live and survive while the zoo is home to unique species that co-exist with humans in peaceful harmony. If you time your visit as per an important date in the Swedish calendar, you might just have the good fortune of witnessing a traditional festival or a concert being conducted in full swing.

4 – Centralbadet should be your destination after a long, hectic and enjoyable day of travel and sightseeing in Stockholm because here you can look forward to a therapeutic bath of your choice accompanied by face and body massage. Housed within a hundred-year old building, circa 1909, there is an indoor swimming pool complemented by modern amenities like fitness center and spa. Do venture out into the courtyard to get a whiff of fresh air if you need a break.

5 – Stockholm is probably the only city in the world that offers Roof-top Hiking within safe and secure parameters wherein participants are expected to climb buildings and hop from one height to another across the city. Physical exertion notwithstanding, this activity offers a beautiful panoramic view of the city and brings forth its eco friendly and planned lay-out.

6 – Take a guided tour to The City Hall and revel in the legacy of Nobel laureates who are felicitated in this magnificent building every year. Comprising of the Blue Hall and Golden Hall its interiors have been painstakingly and meticulously designed to suit the grand award ceremony which is watched by the world. On venturing out, you must climb up the city tower and alternately stare at the city below and the three spires which dominate its horizon at all times.

7 – Skyview, on top of the globe, entails riding a glass gondola along the side of the largest man-made spherical construction named Ericsson Globe that dominates the Stockholm skyline. Vertigo might be a possibility but will surely get overshadowed by the awesome views as you look around not to mention the thrill of riding up so high and then descending to the ground.

8 – Brush up your knowledge on Nordic past in the National Historical Museum through the various exhibits, particularly noteworthy amongst them being the one that is based on Vikings. Through an attractive display of numerous objects and artifacts, the endeavor to highlight the achievements of this ancient race is certainly deserving of appreciation. Another section you must not miss is the Gold Room wherein you should be prepared to get bedazzled by a magnificent collection of gold and silver items.

9 – Kaknas Tower derives its name from an ancient area Kaknas and had the honor of being the tallest building in the city till 2003. Today it dominates the city with its 72 pillars all of which are dedicated to radio and television broadcasting and a trip to the top is a must to appreciate the colorful tapestry of blue, red, white and green that Stockholm is.

10 – Kulturhuset, meaning the House of Culture, has served as the point of confluence between the new and old ever since it opened its doors in 1974. Because it is platform for showcasing artistic talents reflecting different eras its role has often been challenged but it continues to exist as the one of the few common grounds wherein the old gives way to the new.