Top 10 Bars You Should Grab a Drink While In Stockholm

1 – From its height of 33 meters above the surface of the sea, Gondolen offers a breath-taking view not just of azure and sometimes turbulent waters but also of the Swedish capital of Stockholm. Its official address being Stadsgården 6, 104 65 Stockholm, Sweden, you can look forward to sampling some delicious international cuisine accompanied by premium wine while you gaze over the city’s as also the water’s horizon.

2 – At Akkurat there is always something happening and it is not just limited to experimenting with whisky, wine and beer. Some of the unique aspects here entail witnessing the world’s freshest, most delicious and yet the largest salad buffet and swinging to the live performances of known and unknown musicians alike. Thus, do make it a point to drop in at Hornsgatan 18, 118 20 Stockholm, Sweden, and revel in all the fun that this 16-year old joint has to offer.

3 – Marie-Laveau’s at Hornsgatan 66, 118 21 Stockholm, Sweden, is one of leading night-clubs in the city thanks to its fusion music, an array of cocktails and American cuisine. Having shaken more than a leg on the dance floor you can always return in the afternoon during weekends and sample their unforgettably yummy brunch.

4 – Because it is located within the premises of Opera House, Café Opera exudes the magnificence and timeless grace that is inherent to this dance form. Karl XII:s torg11147 Stockholm, Sweden, is its location wherein it is frequented by celebrities and commoners alike all of whom add to its growing legend with each passing day.

5 – Eken Bar, Guldgränd 8, 104 65 Stockholm, Sweden, is a lively venue to be in during the weekend and equally pleasurable during the week since it is suitable for every role varying from commercial to personal. Therefore, irrespective of whether it is a family get-together or a business deal, you can bring your guests here and treat them to a delectable blend of Swedish as also international cuisine.

6 – Epitome of style and ethnicity, 1900 is located at Regeringsgatan 66, 111 39 Stockholm, Sweden, and continues to offer aromatic Swedish dishes emanating smells of apple, pine and elderflower to a crowd boasting of a high style quotient. It is one of the few places that feature organic beers on its menu along with choicest cocktails concocted to linger in your memory long after your visit.

7 –Much of the pleasure of drinking and dining at Kungsholmen at Norr Malarstran, Kajplats 464, Stockholm, Sweden, arises courtesy of its idyllic location, namely bank of a placid lake. Added to this relaxed setting is the reassurance that there are six specialties to choose from not to mention the option of whether to settle for a creatively concocted cocktail or a standard pint.

8 – Cloud Nine is a relatively new entrant on Stockholm’s gastronomic scene but one which seems to have already made its mark courtesy its mouth-watering dessert fare and its unique cocktails. When you enter the doors at Little Bantorget, 111 23, Stockholm, Sweden, you will find yourself in a cool, cozy and inviting décor wherein you will be tempted to settle down and remain so for hours on end.

9 – Seated at a table at Restaurang Himlen, Götgatan 78, 118 30 Stockholm, Sweden, it is inevitable to feel as though you are mid-way between heaven and earth. To be able to sip a cocktail at a height of 104 meters definitely gives a heady feeling which in turn enhances every time you take a peep at what lies beyond the glass façade. If you look down it is the entire city of Stockholm at your feet and on looking up you would be tempted to reach out and try to touch the twinkling stars.

10 – Unique in every aspect is the adjective that comes to mind with regard to Cliff Barnes which is located at Norrtullsgatan 45, 113 45 Stockholm, Sweden. Some of the factors that have won this outfit such a reputation are its American cuisine, off-beat music and dark décor. These are the very reasons that attract the local crowd while for tourists the warm interior in an otherwise cold land is incentive enough to check it out.