Top 10 Festivals You Must Attend While In Stockholm

1 – Fat Tuesday is the day when people of Sweden discard all their dietary restrictions and indulge in anticipation of forthcoming Lent and the fasting that occurs all through its duration. A particularly savored delicacy on this day is ‘Semla’ that comprises of cardamom bun with a sweet filling of almond paste and whipped cream forming its crown. Since the week is incomplete without tucking in a few, almost every bakery in town is well-stocked with this traditional delicacy and some even offer it soaked in warm milk if the customer prefers.

2 – Ever since Dans Dakar has established itself as one of the important festivals in Stockholm, locals have no longer felt the need to travel abroad to rock to electronic music. Some of the highlights of this festival include legendary musicians, an open-air venue and plenty of music. Thus, if you are above 18 years of age, could there be a better alternative wherein you would be able to party hard all through the night?

3 – Held for the first time in 1986, Hultsfred Stockholm is one of the Swedish festivals that have had a sinusoidal success curve. With music as its central theme, this festival accomplished its target of fame and fortune during its initial years but unfortunately this did not continue as the world entered into the new millennium. There have been spells of great success and there have been failures too but if you like music, then you must set aside those three days in June-July when it is held.

4 – ‘We Are Stockholm’ holds the honor of being the largest youth festival in Europe and has been attracting large crowds of performers and spectators alike since it commenced at the turn of the century circa 2000. After the ceremony is inaugurated at mid-day, there are a host of activities and musical performances including a competition named ‘Challenge’ that continue till one in the night in an atmosphere brimming with revelry but free of drugs and alcohol.

5 – One of the most popular events in Sweden is Stockholm Kultur Festival which takes place in the month of August and lasts for around a week. All through its duration it endeavors to bring together musical genres from all over the world on a single platform and the outcome is a vibrant and musical week featuring famous as also upcoming artists.

6 – Stockholm Jazz Festival is a 5-day event that has been taking place in the month of July every year since 1980 when it was held for the first time. Although it regards Stockholm harbor as its signature venue, over the years it has been held at several other locations on the same island without losing its charm. Jazz is the main theme and is glorified by artists of all ages, capabilities, talent and style.

7 – Attending Bravalla in Stockholm implies three days packed with fun, music and exciting events featuring some of the most well known names from diverse fields. While an easier way entails booking accommodation beforehand in one of the many establishments, the more adventurous option of camping in close vicinity is equally appealing for youngsters.

8 – Stockholm International Film Festival was held for the first time in 1990 and since then not a year has passed by when it has not attracted movie patrons to the city every time it is held in the month of November. Although mostly associated with movies and various categories involved in film-making, this film festival sets itself apart by encouraging controversial cinema and fostering a free and frank discussion in a relaxed atmosphere.

9 – June 6th, which is celebrated as Sweden’s National Day, is a day of outdoor merry-making for all citizens and they accomplish this by indulging in musical concerts, sporting traditional costumes and tucking in every delicious portion of traditional tidbits. It is on this day that new citizens are formally welcomed into the country and even members of the Royal family step out of their regal confines to take part in the joviality.

10 –Mid-summer celebrations in Stockholm take place during the week-end which is closest to the longest day of the year namely June 21st and on this day locals decorate a Maypole with birch leaves and dance around it. Consumption of alcohol is high on this day and most of the people are outdoors with picnic hampers under their arms and wreaths around their necks. A general feeling of gaiety is contagious enough to envelop everything and is the predominant emotion on that day.