Top 10 Fun Facts You Should Know About Stockholm

1 – For a city which has enjoyed 750 years of existence and has served as home to many well known races, Stockholm takes pride in its legacy and this is aptly showcased in its many museums. From history to art, science and culture, almost every subject has found representation in Stockholm’s museums and the onus is on the tourist to visit as many as he can during his visit.

2 – Remember the unconventional and drop-dead looks of the former tennis ace Bjorn Borg? He was from Sweden and during those days was probably the first to provide a hint as to how men in his land looked. Almost three decades after his era, men from Stockholm still lead the global pack where women’s hearts are concerned while their female counterparts rank second in the opposite listing. Adding to their looks in a big way is their high style quotient which means you as a tourist must take the trouble to dress up while touring the city in order to blend well.

3 – Circa 1901 marked the year wherein a tradition was created when achievers from different fields were acknowledged by being conferred the prestigious Nobel Prize in an inaugural ceremony held in Stockholm. Since then the tradition has continued unbroken till this date when everyone waits with abated breath as the names of Nobel laureates are released in the month of October. These awards have been so named in order to commemorate Alfred Nobel, the famous scientist who attained wealth through oil and dynamite but later had a change of heart. He donated all his proceeds for the creation of awards which would help to promote peace and harmony.

4 – If Stockholm has earned two nick names for itself namely ‘world’s biggest small town’ and ‘world’s smallest big city’, there is an explanation underlying both. The former was coined courtesy of the idyllic atmosphere wherein placid waters flow between the 14 islands that are a part of this metropolis and facilitate fishing as a recreational pastime. Like any big city on the globe, it is equipped with all the amenities and world-class buildings but everything is located at a short distance from each other which means travelling time is minimal thus justifying the latter.

5 – Thanks to its clean and scenic waterways dotted with traditional and contemporary structures on both banks, Stockholm is aptly referred to as ‘Venice of the north’. Unlike other cities, this Swedish capital is replete with plenty of greenery, artistic creations and imaginative designs so there is something for everyone here.

6 – Circa 2010 was when the award for European Green City was conferred upon Stockholm and rightly so because nature is glorified and upheld in each one of its aspects. While glorification is evident in form of green stretches within the city as also its fringes, sustenance is achieved through adoption of eco friendly methods. ‘Go Green’ is the byword in this city wherein noise pollution is almost nil and most of the commuters rely on walking or cycling.

7 – Behaving like a ‘Snob’ is perfectly acceptable in Stockholm and in fact people make it a point to reinforce their snob value by adopting lifestyle habits like visiting an expensive club and buying drinks at double the going rate.

8 – After a long debate on how to bridge the gap between art and people, the first sample of underground art appeared in 1957 and such was its affect that every underground station after that followed suit. As a result, these metro stations have now become artistic centers wherein creativity and imagination have found due expression in various art forms.

9 – There is another city in Sweden that is second only to Stockholm in terms of size and importance and hence warrants a visit. But never let a Stockholmer know that you are on your way to Gothenburg otherwise you will have landed in his hate-book. Proud like their Nordic ancestors, inhabitants of Stockholm take personal pride in their city and simply cannot stand it being compared to any other, particularly one that is a close rival.

10 – Gotland is where most of the inhabitants of Stockholm flock to in the month of July and activities would range from soul-searching in solitude to partying throughout the night. Over the years, Visby has gradually won the hearts of people of Stockholm and summer is the time when the town is full of city dwellers each in pursuit of his own purpose.