Top 10 Nightclubs You Should Shake Your Feet While In Stockholm

1 – Spread over three floors, Sturecompagniet at Sturegatan 4, 11435 Stockholm, easily qualifies as one of the biggest night-clubs in the city and not just in terms of space. If the atrium set-up is impressive, the music which is played here definitely adds to the aura and these are the two attractions responsible for drawing locals and tourists alike. While there are three broad divisions with each playing a different music genre, the dance floors still bulge at seams after a point.

2 – Visit Terrassen, Sodra Bar, at Mosebacke Torg 3, 11646, Stockholm, and get the feel of what an outdoor nightclub looks and feels like. Your luck as regards the theme would depend on the night as also the occasion on which you land up there and it would be a different atmosphere that would greet you every time. Things might call for a bit of a squeeze with all kinds of people milling around but once you identify something apt for your tastes and steal a glance towards the city, then all your troubles would be dissolved for good.

3 – Having begun its journey by catering to wannabe stars, today Spy Bar has carved a niche for itself and earned a reputation that is not just legendary but also a source of envy to its competitors. Today, to be able to enter this nightclub at Birger Jarlsgatan 20, 114 34 Stockholm, Sweden, is an achievement in itself and on being accomplished would serve as a ticket to mingle with crème de la crème of Stockholm’s elite.

4 – Those who are particularly conscious of their social standing would definitely find their way into Hell’s Kitchen, Sturegaten 4, 11435 Stockholm, Sweden. The atmosphere within is that of revelry and it is not just the emotional spirit which is charged but its physical counterpart flows freely too. With the most recent tracks vibrating within the interiors, it is but natural that the crowd here is thicker than most other nightclubs in the area and that the party is on even long after the others have closed their doors for the night.

5 – If your concept of partying entails dancing and socializing till five in the morning then White Room, Jakobsbergsgatan 29, 111 44 Stockholm, Sweden, would be the perfect venue for you. While you are there, bumping into some of the well known faces in Swedish popularity charts should not come as a surprise because this trendy outfit happens to be a hot favorite. Adding to the fun is lots of champagne.

6 – Ambassadeur, Kungsgatan 18, 111 35 Stockholm, Sweden, is a conglomerate of various clubs each of which focuses on a particular genre of music. So depending on your choice and mood on that particular evening, you could try voicing your emotions in the White domain, relax with soulful melodies in the Black or shake a leg or two to retro music in the golden section.

7 – Debaser Medis, Medborgarplatsen 8, 118 26 Stockholm, Sweden, boasts of three floors of live music and unless it is a concert, you can look forward to sitting back and enjoying good music within a soothing ambience. Courtesy it versatile outlook and charged performances, it has earned for itself the honor of being one of the best clubs in Stockholm.

8 – Solidaritet, Lästmakargatan 3, 111 44 Stockholm, Sweden, is distinct from other nightclubs in the city because its roof opens out to the sky, meaning you would be able to count the stars as also the clouds while having a drink and dancing. Another point of distinction here is that every aspect from décor to music is taken seriously and that explains its high standards. If you are still not convinced, may be its central location and the practice of using heat lamps might prove to be the scoring points.

9 – Magenta at Regeringsgatan 61, 11483, Stockholm, Sweden, sets itself apart from other nightclubs in the city by opening its doors earlier than usual without compromising on the variety of tracks being played. While it’s spacious dance floor is definitely a plus point, another attraction is the exemplary sound system and its new furnishings.

10 – Laroy, Biblioteksgatan 23, 114 35 Stockholm, Sweden, is a favorite haunt of youngsters in the city but that does not mean it is closed for other age groups. In fact, every club-crazy individual must make it a point to visit this nightclub during the warm summer days since the premises are extended outdoors to lessen the crowd-pressure within.