Top 10 Shops You Should Spend Your Money While In Stockholm

1 – Designtorget, Sergelgången 29, 111 57 Stockholm, Sweden, is chain of stores which has gained popularity courtesy the contemporary nature of its merchandise. From functional to fun, everything that is sold under its roof possesses a unique charm that echoes on the strict selection policy of the management. Such is the range of goods that there is something for every room from kitchen to personal den and for every relation from dear ones to acquaintances.

2 – Nordiska Kompaniet, Hamngatan 18, 111 47 Stockholm, Sweden, opened its doors to people in 1902 and has been one of the most luxurious brand names ever since. Offering a wide range of trendy merchandise in almost every niche from jewelry to fashion and food, it plays host to innumerable visitors, thus ranking amongst the most visited venues in the city.

3 – When you step into Grandpa Kungsholmen at Fridhemsgatan 43, 112 46 Stockholm, Sweden, the first wave that would overwhelm you would be that of nostalgia and this would invariably be followed by wonder at such a huge and beautiful vintage collection. The fact that every item adorning the shelves is hand-picked is evident from the high quality as also the emphasis on organic and sustenance.

4 – Dagmar gets its name from a seamstress who inspired her three grand-daughters sufficiently to prompt them to open a fashion boutique in her memory. Birkagatan 7, 113 36 Stockholm, Sweden, is the address at which this store is situated and just like its owners its products are also an interesting blend of old and new. While the old expresses itself through an artistic touch, the new finds manifestation through the chic touch that is so typical of modernism.

5 – Byredo, Mäster Samuelsgatan 10, 111 44 Stockholm, Sweden, could be best described as Swedish house of fragrances although it offers perfumed soaps, scented candles and pleasantly smelling skincare products too. Operating since 2006, it has managed to carve a place for itself amongst the locals who hold it in high regard thanks to its high quality of craftsmanship which is amply visible in every product.

6 – Named after its proprietor who also doubles up as a designer, Efva Attling & Attling Man specializes in personalized jewelry and glass items. Designs notwithstanding, the personalized touch is attained by engraving suitable words, phrases or names on the chosen item. Such is its popularity that it enjoys presence in three stores located in different sections of the city, with the address of the main shop being Homsgatan 42-44, 118 21 Stockholm, Sweden.

7 – IKEA of Sweden established itself in 1965 and since then has changed the way in which people furnish their homes in Sweden like it did in other parts of the world. A visit to Vasagatan 18, 111 20 Stockholm, Sweden, would ensure that your home would look more colorful, contemporary and comfortable after all the shopping has been done with.

8 – Filippa K is at the heart of Swedish sense of fashion in terms of clothes and style and true to its reputation it delivers designs which are simple enough to appear effortless and graceful enough to exude a timeless charm. Located at Grev Turegatan18, 114 46 Stockholm, Sweden, this brand enjoys a prominent presence all over the city and echoes Swedish trends to the optimum.

9 – If vintage is your passion, then a visit to Lisa Larsson at Bondegatan 48, 116 33 Stockholm, Sweden, is a must. While much of the fare is second-hand, it carries the subtle charm that was so typical of yesteryears and has plenty of stock for both genders.

10 – Coctail, Skanegatan71, 116 37 Stockholm, Sweden, is the shop to visit if you relish plastic stuff and more so in case you have a preference for odd shapes and designs. With a wide array of items ranging from kitchen containers to garden pots and knick-knacks, there is something for every individual here.