Top 10 Things to Do In Stockholm

1 – Royal Palace with its centuries-old aura of royalty is one of the largest palaces in Europe as also the best venue for anyone interested in taking a peek into the monarchial family tree down many centuries. Also known as Kungliga Slottet, it serves as the official residence of the ruling monarch of the country and each of the 600 rooms in this vast complex boasts of a unique décor. There is another more interesting reason to call for a visit – the change of royal guards that takes place in summer every year and is still strongly reminiscent of antiquity of yesteryears.

2 – Take a swim downtown in any of the well known bathing locations that are dotted all across Stockholm. There are beaches as also parks and since each category is characterized by its own ambience so, you must first determine your own likings and preferences before opting for one. Of course a common feature binding all of them would be the wonderfully warm rays of the sun as also the cry of ‘Hoppa!’ meaning jump, rending the air.

3 – Housed within an industrial building circa 1906, Fotografiska is one of the largest international platforms credited with congregating artistic minds from all over the world on a single stage. Although outwardly it has still retained its brick structure, from within it is a typical museum comprising of various sections all of which are dedicated to a single theme of photography and its related aspects.

4 – Boat sightseeing with Stromma must feature on any itinerary pertaining to Stockholm because it offers a novel view of the city not to mention the thrill and excitement that accompany such trips. With many cruise companies fighting for clients, there are a number of attractive packages to choose from, meaning you are sure to find something specifically suited to your individual tastes.

5 – Kayaking is one of the most viable ways of discovering the archipelago off the coast of Stockholm and as you glide across the Baltic waters, be prepared to experience some of the most stunning vistas that pass by on both sides. It is possible to go kayaking on Lake Malaren too and as long as you have chosen a kayak of your liking, chances are high that you would have a memorably good time.

6 – Vaxholm derives its name from Vaxholm Castle that has graced the archipelago and dominated the landscape since 16th century. Even now it lends charm and elegance to the town as it stands surrounded by numerous wooden houses that cropped up when city dwellers began to treat this islet as a perfect getaway. You can avail charter cruises to this idyllic town and explore the quaint cafes and outlets that dot the waterfront and in case you have fallen in love and wish to stay longer then there are options of boats that ply later in the day.

7 – Safari tour in the Swedish wilderness is rendered truly exciting by the presence of the Swedish Big Six just an hour’s drive beyond the city limits. In this cold corner of the world, it is the elk which is the king of the forest while other species like wild pig, deer, moose and wild boar graze contentedly under its reign on the expansive pastures and meadows. To your surprise, these animals are not prone to fleeing on being watched so you can actually get close enough to capture unbelievable details.

8 – Vasa Museum is housed within a glorious seventeenth century sea-faring vessel which happens to be the only existing specimen of its era in the world today and aptly showcases the way the monarch of Sweden wanted his kingdom to be viewed. Armed with 64 guns and operated by 300 soldiers it was hailed as being the most fearsome warships of its time but unfortunately sank during its maiden voyage. Salvage operations that started more than 300 years later did succeed in lifting it out of its marine grave and even now work in on to restore it to its former glory.

9 – As you walk through the cobbled pathways of Gamla Stan, meaning Old Town, with golden walls, frescoes and other forms of medieval architecture lining both sides, it would seem like walking through a page in a fairy tale. Indeed, this part of Stockholm, although constructed in 13th century, still retains much of its original charm and hence is definitely deserving of at least a day’s visit.

10 – Moderna Museet could be described as a true blend of modernism and art. While it houses works of most famous artists of twentieth century amidst aesthetic surroundings, amenities like an Internet café, play area for children and so on have also been provided. If the interior is beautiful, the scenery outside is even more breathtaking not to mention the various interactive workshops and activities that form a part of regular functioning of this cultural entity.